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(Jul 14, 2021)
WEATHERSTOCK XIII is this Saturday, July 17th, from Noon to 6.00pm. Runic Knights Orchestra plays at 12.45
(Mar 12, 2020)
Thanks to miloa for organizing another raid group
(Mar 11, 2020)
Runic Knights Orchestra concerts Tuesday evening at Bree
(Sep 25, 2019)
If you are crashing after logging in screen, switch to 32 bit. The update messed up 64 bit for me.
(Sep 25, 2019)
Hey guys, trouble logging in.
(Sep 22, 2019)
Full kin clear of Anvil T2 tonight -- hooray!
(May 27, 2019)
5/27/19 First 100% kinnie Anvil T1 completion!
(Apr 03, 2019)
See for minimum T2 Anvil stat goals!
(Mar 03, 2019)
(Feb 22, 2019)
Anice will doom us all! I feel bewitched!
(Feb 22, 2019)
Anice spoiled us all!
(Feb 18, 2019)
2/18/19 - First completion of Anvil T1!
(Dec 16, 2018)
I will be on Anor for most of today. If anyone is on the Legendary Server and would like to be a part of the kin on there, send a /tell to Shasta.
(Dec 14, 2018)
Made it through boss 1 of Thikil T3 a little while ago as well! I'm calling that a win :)
(Dec 14, 2018)
Bitz, Cel, & Maghir completed T2 Thrumfall a couple of days ago!
(Nov 28, 2018)
Bitz, Cel, & Naffan completed Glimmerdeep T3 tonight!
(Nov 24, 2018)
First kin completion of Thikil T2 tonight!
(Nov 11, 2018)
RunicKnights has now been set up on Ithil!
(Nov 03, 2018)
Thanks to Salyia & Asterus for your help in completing Glimmerdeep T2!
(Sep 28, 2018)
You can't handle TotDT t2c!