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Manakeep 728x90
Runic Knights Challengers: RKC
Anvil T1
  • Gear generally needs to be item level 370 or better
  • Most essences should be tier 12

Anvil T2

Ranged DPS
  • Morale: 80K
  • Crit rating: 18%
  • Finesse: 20%
  • Mastery: 180%

Melee DPS
  • Morale: 100K
  • Crit rating: 18%
  • Finesse: 20%
  • Mastery: 160%

Support (Burg, LM)
  • Morale: 100K
  • Finesse: 35%
  • Mitigations: 35%

  • Morale: 100K
  • Crit rating: 20%
  • Outgoing healing: 80% (90% for Runekeepers)
  • Mitigations: 35%

  • Morale: 180K
  • Mitigations: able to get to 58% with buffs; usually don't need that level with both types at the same time, so swap gear is fine.

To achieve these stats you're probably going to need quite a few purple 382+ and/or teal 375+ items. Using all t12, item level 378 essences and capping your LIs will only make the run easier for the entire group.

There is a way to get a fairly quick, but VERY BASIC idea of which instances your toon is most ready to run. It assumes you have chosen the right stats for your class and role, and that you know how to play well -- it will not show you if you have the wrong legacies, or too much/little of any specific stat. It is our gearing guide, developed by several RK members specifically for Runic Knights. Please let Celordal know if you have any questions!