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Runic Knights Orchestra
The Runic Knights Orchestra was founded in October, 2009, by Steeloak, to meet a need for a creative outlet for our kin members to express themselves through use of the ABC music system.

Over the past five years, RKO has met on a weekly basis to gather and test songs transcribed by our own talented transcribers, who over the years have included Thjalfi, Rathinosk, Pinoh, as well as a few others who have tried their hands at the music system.

RKO's first public concert was February 10, 2010, making their debut at an RK kinship party to wild acclaim. Over the following two years, RKO played for numerous events on the Brandywine server, including a few Concert Tours, the Brandywine Popul festival, and many kinship events.

In 2012, a whole new world of music making was opened up to us, as we first heard of an event called Weatherstock, to be held on the Landroval server. After over two years of developing a robust repertoire, the members of RKO decided to dip our toes into this other world, and we signed up for Weatherstock, created characters on that server, and got them leveled up to be able to play our songs for a completely new audience.

Boy, were we surprised! First, we were amazed at the number of music lovers present for the event. Never before had we seen so many people in one place. It was amazing! It was laggy! Some of our computers had total and utter fits!

But even with that, we had a great time.

We were introduced to some other well-established bands that came from many different servers, and heard a lot of other really great music performed by other wonderful bands. We returned to our home server after Weatherstock, fresh with ideas on how to improve our transcriptions and stage presence.

The following year, 2013, we returned to Landroval for Weatherstock, and discovered that some of the residents from that server remembered us. We again had a wonderful (but laggy) time, and saw the enjoyment that others had in having the songs "sung" rather than just played, so returned again to our home server with plans to find fun songs to rewrite some lyrics to make them more Middle Earth friendly.

Late in 2013, we were approached by the leader of Green Hills Music Society on the Landroval server. They were needing to take a break for the holidays, and asked us to fill in for them during their time slot. After some discussion, we agreed, and for about two months, RKO played every Tuesday night, in front of the Bird and Baby Inn in Michel Delving, to enthusiastic audiences.

Once the agreed-upon two months expired, GHMS had decided to return to an every-other-week format, so after a brief discussion, RKO opted to continue playing on the off weeks on Landroval server. Over the course of a few months, we tried various locations, and in the fall of 2014, we settled on the Bree Park as a perfect mix of room for the audience to dance and close location so the audience doesn't have to travel far from their journeys to come see our concerts.

As 2015 began, RKO established our routine. The second, third, fourth (if there is a 5th, we play that too!) Tuesday of each month, we play at the Prancing Pony Stage (across from the Prancing Pony Inn) in Bree. The show starts at 9pm server time.

In November 2016, RKO, along with several other Brandywine bands, formed the Minstrel Guild of Bree. MGoB's purpose is to promote music and concerts on the Brandywine server. The first Tuesday night of each month is devoted to that purpose. Check out their website at:

Kin members are invited to join us on either server. If you choose to come to Landroval, simply look for anyone in the band for an invite into the Runic Knights Orchestra kinship.

Whichever server you choose, we hope to see you at our next concert!