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Runic Knights Challengers: RKC
RKC: Minimum recommendations for T1 content, level 115

In LOTRO, T1 instances are easier than T2 instances, and they have no Challenge component. They are a great way to get drops you need for improving your gear, to learn the basic mechanics of the instance you're running, and to learn about grouping in general.

A toon that is ready for RKC T1 runs will:
  • know what roles their class can play
  • equip gear that contributes to the role they plan to play
  • choose legacies that support the role they plan to play
  • know or be ready to learn the basics of group mechanics
  • have a minimum of 140 Light of EƤrendil in Mordor instances

Mitigations should be as close to maxed as possible -- tanks and healers should have them maxed.

Available essence slots should be filled with helpful essences.

It is highly recommended that a character be using mostly Towers/Last Alliance gear sets, or better, when running T1 Mordor instances. Most, if not all, of the pieces outside these sets should be item level (different than minimum equip level) of 323 or higher. One or two pieces of teal equip-level 110 or purple equip-level 112 is acceptable.

DPS and tanks running any instance 106+ need to make sure they have quite a bit of finesse on -- expect to be blocked/parried/evaded/resisted a lot without it; you probably need at least 5% for T1 instances to really be much help.

If you would like more information about how grouping works, or how to play your class in a group, here are a few places you can start:

Please understand, these are guidelines only, not hard and fast rules. They are designed to help players and group leaders evaluate a toon's readiness to contribute to group content. Exceptions can always be made at the discretion of the leader.

These are the suggestions and guidelines for any of the runs labeled RKC on the calendar; if a run is organized under a different name the leader may have other preferences.