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Runic Knights Challengers: RKC
RKC: Minimum recommendations for T1 raid, and T2 content, level 115

T1 Raids, and any T2 or T2C instance require more experience, better gear, and better understanding of grouping and mechanics than their smaller T1 counterparts.

A toon that is ready for RKC challenge runs will:
  • know how their class and role work in groups
  • equip gear that contributes to the role they plan to play
  • choose legacies that support the role they plan to play
  • understand the basics of group mechanics
  • have a minimum 190 Light of EƤrendil for Mordor instances

Mitigations should be maxed. Don't forget that T2 mobs have mitigation penetration, so you need to overcap your mits beyond when your tooltip shows the max (62,160 for light; 70,618 for medium; 77,840 for heavy; this can be after scrolls are applied if you prefer).

Available essence slots should be filled -- most, if not all, of their essences should be Empowered Shadow essences or better.

Characters geared for T1 raids and any T2 instances should have at least a few pieces of gear from the Superior sets available at the Allegiance quartermasters, or the Vanguard or Mordor's Bane sets available at the Elf-smith.

As with T1, they will need finesse and Light -- Mordor T2 instances have 200 Shadow in them that will need to be overcome.

If you are interested in challenging group content but do not feel you meet the above standards, there are several things you can do:

Please note, these are guidelines only, not hard and fast rules. They are designed to help players and group leaders evaluate a toon's readiness to contribute to group content. Exceptions can always be made at the discretion of the leader.

These are the suggestions and guidelines for any of the runs labeled RKC on the calendar; if a run is organized under a different name the leader may have other preferences.