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Runic Knights Challengers: RKC

Runic Knights Challengers
Preparing for and challenging a variety of instances at level cap
in a relaxed, casual atmosphere

***Unfortunately, our regular RKC runs have been suspended as the officer running them had real-life conflicts. If you are interested in stepping into this role please contact an officer in-game.***

We expect all participants to continue to follow the kin's 5 rules:
No swearing
No harassment
Be respectful
Don't beg for help gearing or leveling
Don't debate politics & religion publicly

We are a casual raiding group. When you see a run advertised as an RKC run you can expect the following:
  • There is no judgment if real life gets in the way
  • Any level-cap character in our kin is welcome, there is no need to audition or prove your ability; we run a variety of runs and you can join in any appropriate to your gear and experience.
  • All participants, of all types of runs, are asked to come ready to listen to the raid leader and follow the planned strategy; this helps keep the run more efficient and decreases delays caused by things such as inattention, starting fights early, and attacking the wrong targets.
  • Out of respect for others' time, decisions regarding readiness for any runs are at the discretion of the leader; you can find recommendations to help decide if a toon is ready for the challenging runs on our Gearing for Endgame Instances guide.
  • Because of the improved sound quality, RKC runs will use Discord whenever possible; please try to find time to set it up: (download available, but not required)

Watch the calendar for our schedule

“Basic runs”: an opportunity to prepare for more challenging runs
  • Few, if any, restrictions on the gear or experience necessary to participate
  • Provide an opportunity for improving gear and knowledge of your class & role
  • Runs will generally be on the easier side of the continuum; they will be chosen according to the gear & ability of the people that have volunteered.
  • The leader or someone designated by the leader will usually help to explain some of the concepts that make players more helpful to their group
    • Roles, and tips for successfully filling them
    • Interrupts and corruption removals
    • Moving out of hot spots, removing debuffs, staying out of AoEs, and so on
    • Helpful UI elements (showing target's target; assist window, etc.)
    • Suggestions for decreasing lag
    • An opportunity for people to ask questions and learn more about their class or role.

“Challenging runs”: Running more difficult instances
  • success in these will require a group to work well together, and its members to be better equipped and more experienced than in the basic runs
  • Instance will probably be chosen ahead of time
  • Leader is more likely to look for specific classes, gear, & experience in order to optimize the group's chances of success, such as:
    • Success in 3/6mans
    • Gear level matching the instance you're running

If you're not sure your toon is ready, check out these resources: