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Original Structure of Runic Knights Leadership

by Rkadmin on Apr 20, 2015 at 07:36 PM}
Post by Meldor » Sat Apr 12, 2008 12:18 pm

The Officer Structure of RK is meant to be very transparent,
all officers must be on a team, all teams are in groups, all
groups have forums, and all forums have moderators. Each
Team forum has moderators who are also Offciers /
NCO's for that team. There are no offciers that not
associated with a team....
Here is the offcier structure

Runic Knights [Officer Structure]

Leaders: Meldor & Hestah

Leaders <---- Operations
Leaders <---- Teams
Leaders <--- SrOffciers <---- ExecTeam <--- operations
Leaders <--- Team Leaders <---- Teams
Sr Offciers : meldor, Danford, taoman, Odorfo, Inia, hestah, Bildr, Will, Chavo, Rewwer, leylas, Cassiopia, Dawin, Tylann
ExecTeam: Taki, Alrod, Xibonn, Dawin, Yuxia, Arcturic, dildagen, Morestone, Tabithah

Team Leaders: Odorfo, Inia, Amugato, Chavo, Rewwer, Bezmir, Tylan, Leylas
Teams: GhostBrigade, Founders, RK911, Recruiting, RK411, Moms, Rading

GhostBrigade: [Odorfo] The RK Ghost Brigrade -Utility Team. The most important players on any team are the Utility players, for RK we have a few of them. These are the officers/members who do everything, and ask for nothing in return. They do a little recuiting, a little raiding, and little helping of kinmembers, and generally just doing whatever needs to be done at the time. RK is no different than any sports team, and we take for granted for our utility player, until he/she is needed and then, when they are there, they save the day.Odorfo, Will, Merlins, Alrod, Shindalf, Mckaigh, Leghrand

Founders: [Inia] The Runic Knights would not be here today without the founders. These people will for now and forever be remebered as those who started RK. nordance, kaptainkid, Clintonius, Danford, taoman, Odorfo, Tolbald, Inia, Elras, hestah, baldy, Ximli, Bildr, Merlins

Raids: [Leylas] Sr Director of all Raiding is one of the most incredible Raid Leaders ever. He has built many wonderful teams... [1] Raid24 team, and [4] Raid12 teams, two of which are hard core raid groups using DKP ruleset, and two of which use the casual/social first come first serve, /roll for items ruleset.

Council of the War : [Leylas] This war room is where all raid leaders talk, argue, discuss hot topics. Odorfo, Faodin, Will, leylas, Xibonn, Sluf, Kuzik, Landric, Aenimus, Slugolas, peytan, AlbTroll, Morestone, evenarnor

HC WarRoom : [Leylas] HC groups to discuss DKP, Rule Changes, Special events, or anything they need to discuss before it is released . Odorfo, Inia, Faodin, Wilhelm, Will, Chavo, leylas, Xibonn, Kuzik, Yuxia, Budz, dildagen, Vasten, Golas, Elmar, Beezuil, Aenimus, Slugolas, Ashliyn, peytan, aldurea, Guss, AlbTroll, Necrogod, Morestone, ebola, Jackthir

Level 50 [Raid Advisor] - [Aenimus] Please welcome my newest raid tactical advisor---Aenimus!!!! This is were u will post any questions about raid strat traits gear ect...i really hope this forums will help people out leylas, Aenimus

HC1 - Rift [Leylas] Hardcore "Rift" Slugolas, peytan, Morestone
HC2 - Rift [Leylas] Hardcore "Rift" Faodin, lWeamoth
HC3 - Rift [Leylas] Hardcore "Rift" Kuzik, AlbTroll
Social#1 - Rift [Leylas] Cassiuss, evenarnor
Social#2 - Rift [Leylas] Sluf, Landric
Social-Helegrod [Leylas] leylas, Shravla, Mitt
Ettenmoors pvp- [Leylas] Inia, leylas, WARGAWD, Delrius, keleardo
RK911 [Amugato] leader of RK911, Public Realtions, the old PR 911 Team. Are you a new RK member, Are you feeling lost in a new kinship, just feel like screaming HELP!!! cause you're lost in a new and wonderful place, but you just dont know anyone. This is the place for you. NEW in 2008, the PR Team has been created and is now here to help lower levels to do their quests. Call your 911 support services, and these guys will come running. Taki, baldy, Amugato, brookethorne, Xibonn, Elinanna, Ayrianaellenswerryn, dildagen, lilacea, Malusdarkblade, CBail, Ramboo, Falraniel, Krome, Aranwell, Caelawen, Krosi

Recruiting [Chavo] Sr Director of Recruiting. New recruits, windows shioppers, have any questions about the kin, rules, history, etc. Chavo, Airiela, Drogard, Lecturos, Metaphor, evenarnor, Tabithah, Einea

Crafting [Rewwer] Sr Director of Crafting wants to help aspiring RK crafters with resources to gain in crafting and have them reach GM faster, to help all levels in RK with attaining elite items crafted by GM craftsman within the Kin. Main goal of course would be to help as many RK crafters as possible. Ironwarrior, Pax, Rewwer

RK411 [Bezmir] coordinator for Kin Parties & Radio Shows -- Monday: Ravyn 8pm Est. Tuesday: DJ Ombra 8pm Est. Wednesday: Ravyn 8pm Est. Friday: DJ Bender 8pm Est. Saturday: WARLORD’S WARZONE Arcturic 10pm Est. Sunday J Xedanis 3pm Est. Danford, Cassiopia, Tylann, Yuxia, Arcturic, Bezmir

Moms [Cassiopia Tylann Yuxia] Kin mothers. If you have a problem consult one of them. One of our moms will either provide a solution or guide you to the appropriate officer. Cassiopia, Tylann, Yuxia



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