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Early Executive Officers

by Rkadmin on Apr 20, 2015 at 07:30 PM}
Post by Meldor ยป Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:39 am

The Executive Team is responsible for advising the Senior Officers and passing its decisions along to them.

Dawin - Leader of the ExecTeam, The Executive Team is responsible for advising the Senior Officers and passing its decisions along to them. Dawin along with Bezmir also run the 411 Team has been formed to help promote the name of the Runic Knights and disseminate information to the kinship.

Alrod - Leader on the NiteCrew, another representative from Australia, who's daytime is our night time, but does a wonderful job of keeping an eye on things while many of us sleep. He not only represents the ExecTeam, but takes care of Kinchat for very long periods alone, if Hestah and Meldor are not around. Great big Kudo's if you see him, tell him thanks, and maybe one day we'll get a supporting team around him.. hint hint..

Arcturic - Radio DJ for TDS, resedent friend to all, and a very wise man that we are very honoured to have onour ExecTeam. Very active in game, on the website, thank you for all you do.

Xibonn - Another great friend from the land down under, unfortunately RL killed his comouter for a while, but he is back now but always been very highly visable on the ExecTeam giving valuable input, and helpful guidance. Xibonn has been with us a long time and very valued member of the ExecTeam. Can't way enough about Xibonn and what he has meant to the kinship, very great guy, if you don't know him yet, you should try to get to meet him

Morestone - One of the core members and and strong figures that stood together with RK, Leylas and Hestah to form the first RK Hard Core Raiding group. At one time know as HC1 and HC2, and later renamed Runic Raiders RR1 RR2 RR3 RR4 etc was there at the beginning, and stood strong during the rocky early days. A very wise and valuiable member of our ExecTeam

Cassiuss - Leader of the 411-WelcomeWagon Team and quickly has become a very valuable part of our new user RK experiewnce by making sure each and ever new member gets an email, and a personalized hello. He has future plans which will inlcude mentoring that are now in the works...

Pax - Acting Leader CraftersTeam while Rewwer attends to some real life stuff. Pax has stepped up to be Rewwers right hand man and to implement all the goals and visions Rewwer so grandly came up with way back when. Always a joy to see him online, and is always there to be helpful if needed.

Phantomghost - Leader 911 This guy is amazing, he probably has one of the largest teams, and one of the hardest new jobs of 2008. Not only did he successful take over and run with 911-Help, but he added his own touch to it with 911-Charity, and is one of the few RK members besides Taolin/Taoman (who I work with) that I have ever met from our kinship in real life. A very wonderful person, doing a very difficult job, and making it look easy. Pretty amazing, and nice way to end this thread

Taki - The wonderful Taki, who is loved more, seen more , and weathered more situations, than our most wise and wonderful Taki. She has been intriquetely involved with the 911 team, the 411 team, and most recently promoted to the Ghost Brigade. The voice of reason who is everyones best friend, Taki is always there for us, for me, in our time of need


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