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Early Senior Officers

by Rkadmin on Apr 20, 2015 at 07:29 PM}
Post by Meldor ยป Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:15 am

The Senior Officer group is responsible for handling issues that arise within the kinship.

Hestah: - Leader of SrOfficers, and second in charge 2IC of the kinship is completly in charge when I am away from my keyboard. Living in Australia really helps us to be a true 7/24 kinship. Hestah is not only a great commander, holding great wisdom and patience, he is also a great friend to many, including Meldor, who knows we might not still be here to

Leylas - Director of Raiding, Raids are run on nearly a daily basis. If you want to learn more about raiding or sign up for one of the raids, contact a Raid Team member. Leylas has been a great friend, advisor, and is by far the best raid leader, I have ever met. He runs the hardest team in the kinship, with the most leaders, and most members, as if it were easy. which I know its not

Chavo - Director of the Recruiting Team and creator of the guidelines theRunic Knights members folow, as recruits and subsequently members. As the kinship has matured this group has been less active, because recruitment pretty much happens by word of mouth, but in the beginning, all officers came from the recruiting team, so not only is he a great recruiter, but great mentor as well.

Danford - Founding Officer, and my in game Great Grandaughter, Is one of the most special people I know, and been a wonderful part of making RK what it is today. She is and has always been the shining light that makes us all smile.

Dawin - Leader of the ExecTeam, The Executive Team is responsible for advising the Senior Officers and passing its decisions along to them. Dawin along with Bezmir also run the 411 Team has been formed to help promote the name of the Runic Knights and disseminate information to the kinship.

Taoman - Original Successor to RK, who now plays a more passive role in the game, but still plays often. He was here with me on Day1, and is just as responsible for RK being here today as Meldor is.

Odorfo - Everyone Loves Odo, Leader of the Ghost Brigade. How can you not? He is always there for you, with a wise word, a kindred hand, and is just a joy to be around. Odorfo is not only an RK founder, but the Leader of the Ghost Brigade. These are the officers/members who do everything, and ask for nothing in return. They do a little recuiting, a little raiding, and little helping of kinmembers, and generally just doing whatever needs to be done at the time.

Rewwer - Director of the Crafting Team. The Crafting Team was put together to help aspiring RK crafters with resources to gain in crafting and have them reach GM faster, to help all levels in RK with attaining elite items crafted by GM craftsman with in the Kin.

Tylann - Leader of the KinMoms. If there is ever a problem, whether you are an offcier a member, or even the leader, she is always there for you with a patient ear, kindred heart, and wise and thoughtful recommendation. She is also part of the 411 Welcoem Wagon Team which makes sure new members get of to a nice start.

Will- Founding Officer and wiseman of our group. Will very quietly watches what we do as SrOffciers, never gets caught up in the moment, reals us in when we go off topic, and most of the time think he is the wisest of us all.

Dildagen - one of the newer members of the SrOfficer group, but deifnately has a great head on his shoulder, able to step back and look at situations, analyze them for best result, and definately keeps us smiling all the time. A great addition to an already great team.

Tabithah - our newest member of the SrOffcier group, and plays a part in the 911-Charity group, 911-Help and is the passed has played large role in 411 and the ExecTeam before her promotion. A very caring heart, loved by all, always trying to what is most right and best for the kinship. I look at her and can honestly say, this is what I was thinking when I started the kin RK


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