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Find the Kings Lore

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Post by Meldor » Sat Sep 22, 2007 2:57 pm

...after talking to Gandalf about the mysterious glowing of my [Staff of Knowledge], and how the ruby would brighten even the darkest of rooms when it began to glow for no reason. He told me the story of the 5 kings and how there direct bloodline ran with in the kin called the Runic Knights. When I asked who they were he gave me a list and the first of many clues..

King of Rohan
Growing up in Rohan has always been a mystery to me because I was adopted and raised within a military family. My father is a great captain in The Rohirrim and my mother is a tailor by profession. When I ask about my real parents I have been told that I was given to my parents by a very old man with a great white beard with specific instructions my parents had to follow. They said this old man was a great friend of the family and asked my father to raise me and teach me all forms of combat and leadership so one day I may join my father in combat in The Rohirrim. My father has only told me of one clue about the old man with the beard, and that was: “He is part of an order called the Runic Knights”. And my father being a man of honor has never told me more than this about my parents and my past. My mother knows less about the order and trains me in reading, writing, armor and diplomacy. I continue with training and on my own I start to research this strange order of the Runic Knights in all the books and scrolls I can get my hands on. At first I find little clues and legend of battles in middle earth that speak of such an order. As I grow older I start to venture further and further away from home on my quest to figure out who is part of this great order of the Runic Knights. I discover some incredible tales of Runic Knight hero’s called from all over the land to do battle for good and just causes. I begin to feel honored to be part of such an order even by my father saying that a Runic Knight delivered me to my parents. I am really excited to find that this order contains not only Men, but great Elves, Dwarves, and even Hobbits. It seems the very best warriors of middle earth not just Rohan are in this great order and I need to train even more now so one day I can start to look for more clues in distant lands to see where I come from. Today I have learned my father has been critically wounded on the battlefield while saving his men from an Orc attack in the western fields. I arrive at his tent to find him holding on for dear life wanting to talk with me before he passes. He tells me “Son I must tell you something before it’s too late for me. You must go to Rivendale and search out the Runic Knights and inform them, he is ready. And always remember do everything with Honor” he then closes his eyes and takes one last breath and passes away. My mother is there as well and begins to make final arrangements. She tells me that I must begin my journey and hands me a bag of things for my trip to this place called Rivendale. She also hands me my father sword and says you will need this when you meet the Runic Knights. Just show them this sword and they will direct you to where you need to go while there. In the bag there is food, money, draughts, bandages, and there is a Map of middle earth and I see Rivendale on the map. I begin my journey in my fathers honor to see what my past will become. I will make my family proud one day soon…

Steward of gondor -
Found on the doorsteps of Thorins hall as a young child I was sent to the elf refuge where I was raised, during this time I trained my skills in swordsmanship, until one day a strange man in grey with a long beard came to our village and notice me. As I was the only human child their he stopped and looked at a necklace I was wearing the only link I had to who I really was, unforuntaly I was unable to read what was inscribed on it.
The strange man looked at the inscription and nodded he turned to me and said “u are from Gondor one day u will be needed to help your king also u will meet another man like me who u will help forge a great a kinship.” Confused I nodded as the strange man started to ride away. As he did a book fell from his satchel I ran to pick it up and yell out to the strange grey man he replied, “ study it for u shall need its wisdom.”
I looked at the book on the front all it said was LORE. From that day I studied hard this book he had left me learning its traits. One day a message was given to me from an elf named Elrond he told me to go to achet and deliver the message upon arriving I was ambushed and looked up …………

High elf of elves
Opening my eyes my head pounding with pain not being able to remember who i was or where i came from. Only being a young elf i traveled from town to town till i came on a grat big place called thorins gates. A very nice dwarf family took me in and traied me the way of the sword. One day came when i realize that they had grown old and was taken to the ground of which they were made. Confused i was why has this earth taken the only people i loved from me? I went to the training hall and trained hard then i ever had i broke my only sword. That is when a tall man with a grey robe and a white beard approaced me an took intrest in my medallion. He ask me "where did u get this?" I replied " this is all i have left of my past. when i came here i know not who i was or where i came from." he looked at me and smiled " there are great things to come from u and in time this will all make since!" He handed me a book and said" earn from this there is even a way to make a new better sword to replace your broken one!" I looked down at the book and the book it was titled L.O.R.E. when i looked back up he was gone. I opened the book and startedt to read i found a recipe for a very rare sword called the mirrored sword. I praticed and praticed this recipe till one day i got it right i had made me a new sword. Just as i made it to the training hall with my new pride and joy a high elf named elrond walks up to me and hands me a note. He tells me "you must travel to the far land called achret and deliver this note you must not fail the fate of all may rest on it. With out question i packed my bags and took of on my journey not knowing what is to lies ahead!

King of Thorins Gate
Growing up at Thorin's Gate, I was always in awe of the great Thorin's Hall. It was mostly us Dwarves that lived in this area although sometimes we'd see an elf or human. It was rare to see a hobbit, but they would appear at times too. I always had a longing to travel and ventured at an early age to see what there was outside of Thorin's Gate. One thing that I longed to know of was a chain that seemed to have been always on my neck. It had a medallion with an inscription that no-one seemed able to decipher, not even the wisest of dwarves at Thorin's Gate. Much to my surprise, I happened upon a man in my travels through Rohan. He was tall (but then everybody seems tall to us dwarves) with a pointed hat and gray hair and beard. He noticed the chain on my neck and asked if he could see it. I said yes tall sir, in fact I'm trying to discover the secret to the inscription upon the medallion. Perhaps you could be of service kind sir. The tall gentleman took the chain and medallion and examined it carefully and said you are from the White Mountains, take this book I give you and study it for one day your services will be needed. The cover of the book said LORE and it contained much information useful to me in crafting, traits, battle and more. I studied and eagerly wait to see how it will be used in my future destiny. Later I received a message from Gimli to go to Archet to deliver a message.

Mayor of Shire
Grew up in the Shire, helping on the family farm and occasionally sneaking off into the woods to try to catch sight of the Elves that were rumoured to pass by. One day, while harvesting a particularly bountiful crop of taters, my trowel clinked against something metal. "Well, that's not how a tasty golden Shire tater should sound," I thought to myself as I carefully dug up the strange object. Imagine my surprise when I found it to be a rusted badge. Leaving the crops in the field, and hoping no sneaky Took would carry them off, I ran back home, clutching the badge and trying my best to avoid all the nosey hobbits.


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