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Crowning of Hestah as the Steward of Gondor

by Rkadmin on Apr 20, 2015 at 06:33 PM}
Post by Meldor » Thu Sep 27, 2007 8:20 am

Meldor Waves his wand, over the second cumbling parchment, Again the staff of Meldor Glows, a blinding RED just like it had a few minutes before when we had discovered our first King. Could it be the nobile Joel has discovered a second KING? Slowly I focus in on a blur, then it becomes clearer appears ..... What is that the parchment reveals the second of the royal bloodlines of RK. Hesth [Steward of Gondor ] , Hail and long live.......

Steward of gondor -
Found on the doorsteps of Thorins hall as a young child I was sent to the elf refuge where I was raised, during this time I trained my skills in swordsmanship, until one day a strange man in grey with a long beard came to our village and notice me. As I was the only human child their he stopped and looked at a necklace I was wearing the only link I had to who I really was, unforuntaly I was unable to read what was inscribed on it. The strange man looked at the inscription and nodded he turned to me and said “u are from Gondor one day u will be needed to help your king also u will meet another man like me who u will help forge a great a kinship.” Confused I nodded as the strange man started to ride away. As he did a book fell from his satchel I ran to pick it up and yell out to the strange grey man he replied, “ study it for u shall need its wisdom.” I looked at the book on the front all it said was LORE. From that day I studied hard this book he had left me learning its traits. One day a message was given to me from an elf named Elrond he told me to go to achet and deliver the message upon arriving I was ambushed and looked up …………


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