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Levelling a Champion

I am currently leveling up a Champion and about to hit 50. So far, I have been going dual wield yellow line. I see a lot threads that suggest Red line. However, I think that is because there is a lot of old data out there.For soloing overland, ...
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Functional tanking setup

I've been tanking with my 115 champion lately (Galynna), and was asked about the traits she uses. In case anyone else is working to build a "chank", here's some info about how I have her set up. Caveat: this is a fairly new attempt and my setup is...
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Celordal1156Small Celordal 103d

Armor Build

It was mentioned in Kin chat that we should have a thread for Armor builds for Champions. There will obviously be some difference between casual builds, t1, and t2 builds.
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Champion Skill Rotation

I have been talking with several other champs and have been wondering what you guys consider to be the best skill rotation for buffing up your champ before a fight. I typically use in yellow lineBattle FrenzyExchange of BlowsTrue HeroicsGreat Clea...
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Champion armor debuffs

Champ horn legacy discussionI don't play champion much, but I just wanted to highlight the very strong debuffs that a couple champion legacies can provide to help a raid. Rend Armor debuff and the bonus physical mitigation debuffs from the champi...
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Spec line to use?

Just wanted to know what you thought was best spec line to use for champion? Just came back to the game working on leveling my Champion up and I went with yellow. Looking for what will be best for end game groups. If anyone has suggestions woul...
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