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Lore-master Pet cycling and raiding tips

So this is a video I made to show how pet cycling works, and why it seems to be the optimal playstyle for a support LM in raids, particularly in DPS races.
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Loremaster Yellow Solo

So I recorded a video soloing in yellow line. I mostly play yellow when I'm solo, because it's the most fun to me. But I also wanted to dispell the misconception that soloing in yellow is slow. Quite the opposite, I feel it's faster in most on-lev...
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advanced loremaster tips

Mir and I were talking about this yesterday. It's possible to cycle through your pets to keep up all the useful debuffs at once. linkIf you look at the screenshot posted by myic90, he is summoning a pet, using its debuff, then dismissing the pet...
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My tips

My tips on the LM;- Where faced with more than one foe ALWAYS use Blinding Flash (mez) one of the foes. There is always the possibility of not being able to handle all the foes against you when ambushed/ganked. The LM is only Light Armoured, remem...
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