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Stat Calculator

I threw this together for myself, to figure out what gear I wanted to get. The link is editable if anyone wants to clean it up a bit, or just use it for themselves.
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Post Update 22.2 Trait Trees

Someone asked in kinchat so I figured I'd get this thread started. Here is the red line build I've been messing around with (I know I'm missing trait points, I'll get to it 😊):And the blue line build I'm soloing with:What new hunter builds has eve...
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Stat Overview - open to constructive criticism is a picture of my stats in game with the gear I currently have (working on upgrading it all).Can a fellow cap-level Hunter please tell me what I'm missing/need to work on improving?
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hunter guide

linkI think this guide is pretty good for blue line hunters. There are a lot of threads on the lotro forums covering blue line hunters, but this is a pretty good guide that's all in one place. The only thing is that he didn't finish the part exp...
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Grimmerthan's hunter's DPS traits and LIs

I was chatting with Turgonson about trait trees and LIs, and I thought it would be useful to put my hunter's trait tree and LIs up for review.Trait tree is currently a blue/red mix, tailored for single target DPS, and with rain of arrows for a bit...
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Heartseeker reset armor

I finally got my heartseeker reset armor to try it out. It seems like the DPS is more RNG-dependent. When I was wearing 4 osgiliath bowmaster + 2 erebor huntsman my highest dps parse was higher than with 4 pelennor armor + 2 erebor huntsman, but...
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Huntsman Focus and Power

As I'm sure most blue line hunters know, focus and power can become serious issues in long fights if not carefully managed. Since balancing focus and power can allow us to do some serious dps, I was curious as to how other kinnies have set up thei...
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Healing attack

Hunters have the ability to heal with an attack. All you need to do is use the Stance: Endurance. With that Quick shot has a 50% chance to heal you. It can really come in handy when you are questing solo. I spam it a lot and that is the only way I...
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