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Grimmerthan's tanking and DPS traits

I was chatting with Mirtax about my guard's blue-line configuration. It occurred me that that I could post it here.I skip some blue, to allow more points into useful red/yellow. I try to juggle the most useful, compared to my gear and tank style...
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Dadi's guide to blue-line Guardian

Dadi's guideI don't play my guardian much, but I stumbled upon this guide and thought it might be useful to folks who haven't played in groups much. A couple things I didn't see mentioned that help tremendously when tanking:- make sure you have c...
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Guardian tanking builds

I've run across some interesting tanking builds that I thought could be very useful for some instances. I think the majority of tanks use 2-3 finesse essences, overcapped mitigations, and the rest morale essences with maybe a few incoming healing...
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