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Anything and Everything having to do with Guardians!
Anything and Everything having to do with Hunter!
Anything and Everything having to do with Loremaster!
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Anything and Everything having to do with Minstrel!
Anything and Everything having to do with Champion!
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Anything and Everything having to do with Captain!
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Anything and Everything having to do with Burglar!
Anything and Everything having to do with Warden!
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Anything and Everything having to do with Rune Keeper!
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Anything and Everything having to do with Beorning!
Discussion and Tips on Roleplaying
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Class Help

LI update - making your new LIs

October 2021, Update 30.3So, total LI revamp this update. Felt confused the first time? It's probably going to happen again. And there doesn't even seem to be an in-game tutorial, at least not for those who have already gotten LIs!Fortunately, the...
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Class Help


Virtues - Besides Stat Tomes and Class Trait Points, the third "inherent" boost to your character's abilities are Virtues - especially as of Update 24.Virtues are a type of trait that characters can gain in LotRO. Virtues grants bonuses to stats a...
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Class Help

Stat Tomes now go up to Tier 20

I recently discovered that Stat Tomes go up to Tier 20. The last time I looked at them it was Tier 18.Update 25.4 introduced Tier 19 to 20 Stat Tomes, levels 15 to 20 are all available from within a Remmorchant Stat Tome Box.All Stat Tomes 1 - ...
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Class Help

Class Trait Points (formerly Low level trait points)

While at work, I was watching a levelling guide for a class I was interested in on youtube. What I noticed that the character was 42, but had 52 trait points. I believe I only have half of that around the same level.Am I missing out on someth...
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Class Help

Trait Planner

This is a very cool website that allows you to pretend you're looking at your trait panel in-game, and play around with where you want to put your points, without having to actually respec every time. He even has all the tooltips so you can see wh...
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Class Help

Mini HPS?

Hey all -I've been looking with interest at the minstrel healing guides and comparing mini builds to what I've been using on my RK (just for fun). I inspected in-game a minstrel with a morale build and put that into falkennest (I had to estimate o...
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Class Help

Virtue and traitpoint tracker found this link to a tool that allows you to track all your virtues and trait points for every character. It sounds very useful. The trait points in particul...
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Class Help

ToDT Mumaks Tutorial (Kiting Tank)

Hello, Kin!I made a quick video tutorial for the Mumaks fight in Throne of the Dead Terror from the perspective of the kiting/lonely tank.According to some people, this role can be fulfilled by either a Warden or a Beorning, with some theories poi...
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Class Help

How to make the most of Essences

Essences and How to Make the Most of ThemThis blog article seems to be a pretty good min/max analysis of essences versus armor sets versus char virtues to help you decide how to use essences versus other means to upgrade your important stats. Hop...
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Class Help

Guide to imbuing Weapons with U16

PKCrichton's GuideThis is an excellent guide to the changes that will happen to your LI if you decide to imbue. It looks like there are some changes that haven't been made yet, but might be made in the future. *fingers crossed on hunter aoe targe...
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Class Help

Tanking Guide

This is a general guide to tanking that applies to any class that is tanking, so I figured this would be a good place for it. Tanking and YouA couple things I would add: The bad puddles that he mentions will have a red outline, and good puddles h...
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