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Some Kind Of Trouble! Casual large raids for everyone.
Here you can discuss Fellowship and Raid Instances!
All Strategies used for the Big Battles of Rohan and Pelargir are in this forum.
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Here is the Portal for the Ettenmoors!
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Chambers of Raiding

[Pinned] RKC: Casual, endgame raiding

Runic Knights ChallengersPreparing for and challenging a variety of instances at level cap in a relaxed, casual atmosphere We expect all participants to continue to follow the kin's 5 rules: No swearing No harassment Be respectfu...
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Chambers of Raiding

[Pinned] Mordor: Gearing up

Gearing UpCongratulations – you finally got your character to 115! Now what? If you plan to take your toon into any of the wonderful instances LOTRO offers, you are going to need to spend some time gearing up. What is gearing up, why do it?Gearing...
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Chambers of Raiding

[Pinned] RKC Recommended gear minimums

RKC: Minimum recommendations for T1 raid, and T2 content, level 115T1 Raids, and any T2 or T2C instance require more experience, better gear, and better understanding of grouping and mechanics than their smaller T1 counterparts.A toon that is read...
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Chambers of Raiding

T10 Essences

North Mirkwood - T10 EssencesThe best essences in the game right now are tier 10. You can tell an essence is tier 10 because it has a small number ten in the upper left-hand corner. The numbers in the bottom right-hand corner are NOT the tier -- t...
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Chambers of Raiding

Friday, April 6 2018

Hello all --I will not be at RKC this Friday (April 6, 2018). I am hoping Bitz will be able to make it, or that someone else can log on and get something rolling for those that show up, but I will be out of town.Good luck on whatever run you get i...
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Chambers of Raiding

The Abyss of Mordath

Raid Guide: The Abyss of Mordath (in progress)As of 2/17/2018, someone has gotten further than us and had provided some interesting suggestions.
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Chambers of Raiding

Allegiance system in Mordor

AllegiancesJoining AllegiancesThere are 4 allegiances. You are eligible to join an allegiance when you reach level 110. You can join all 4 at the same time and choose which one your allegiance rep goes to. Each allegiance you join requires more re...
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Chambers of Raiding

Setting Instructions for Raiding

Work in progress... (add a reply if you would like to see this finished sooner rather than later)
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Chambers of Raiding

Light of Eärendil

Light of EärendilOne of the stats you will see on Mordor gear is Light of Eärendil. Because of the great evil that has so long lived in Mordor, every part of the region is shrouded in some amount of Shadow. The more evil, the more Shadow.As the sh...
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Chambers of Raiding

General Grouping Guidelines

Following are very general grouping guidelines RKC uses. Replying to this post informs us that you have read and understand these guidelines but that you also wish to be included and work towards challenging endgame content.1a. PREPARE YOUR CHARAC...
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Chambers of Raiding

New instance info from Bullroarer

Hey --Been testing a bit on Bullroarer (public test server); as I notice and find changes I think people might be interested to know early, I will let you know here. It's open to anyone that wants to download it, so no worries about it being secre...
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Chambers of Raiding

Threat/Aggro 101

One concept every member of a fellowship should understand is threat and aggro. Threat is a measure of how much a mob would like to see you dead. Aggro is when you have the most threat and are getting attacked. The more you threaten a mob the more...
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Chambers of Raiding

Pick a Main - Gear your Main - Play your Main

As you get more involved in running challenging content with RKC we present this simple approach to maximizing enjoyment and success in a casual environment called “Pick a Main, Gear your Main, Play your Main”.Pick a Main: Every player should have...
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Chambers of Raiding

Grouping Roles

Role: Tank Your job is to start battles and to get as many enemies as possible to attack you and to keep them attacking you (aggro). Your HIGHEST priority is get enemies attacking the Healer to attack you. Next is to get guys off the support peopl...
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Chambers of Raiding

Anniversary Scavenger Quest

So year 7 quests are a doozy - requiring runs through The Rift, Draigoch, Ost Dunhoth, and Tower of Orthanc.Is there any interest in running through these instances for those of us who want to do these quests? Maybe also knock some deeds out while...
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Chambers of Raiding

RTPlugin has a patch to add The Wastes.

I had written a short article about what it was and how to install it, and how to fix two locations which were off. I lost the post before I could save it. So... here is just the skinny of it.You can find the new patch and instructions on how t...
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Chambers of Raiding

Runic Knights Challengers

RKC: Runic Knights Challengers -- finding and defeating challenges at level-cap, in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. Anyone is welcome that chooses to show up, and if real life interferes we understand. There are no minimum gear or experience require...
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Chambers of Raiding

105 Gear Guide

*This is a guide to level 105 gear, I'll link to a 115 guide once the new stats are well established.*Stat caps for 115: curves for 115:
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Chambers of Raiding

Throne of the Dread Terror - DPS Test

In one of the ToDT raids we were on the other day I remember hearing somone saying each DPS player needs to pump out more than 1 Million damage per 2 minutes on average to take out the Troll boss, Rakothas, in the 2 minute time frame before he goe...
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Chambers of Raiding

Can't see eyes?

Make sure the option "Enable Combat Hit Effects" is turned on.
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