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Chambers of Raiding

The Abyss of Mordath

Raid Guide: The Abyss of Mordath (in progress)As of 2/17/2018, someone has gotten further than us and had provided some interesting suggestions.
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Lore-master Pet cycling and raiding tips

So this is a video I made to show how pet cycling works, and why it seems to be the optimal playstyle for a support LM in raids, particularly in DPS races.
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Functional tanking setup

I've been tanking with my 115 champion lately (Galynna), and was asked about the traits she uses. In case anyone else is working to build a "chank", here's some info about how I have her set up. Caveat: this is a fairly new attempt and my setup is...
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Loremaster Yellow Solo

So I recorded a video soloing in yellow line. I mostly play yellow when I'm solo, because it's the most fun to me. But I also wanted to dispell the misconception that soloing in yellow is slow. Quite the opposite, I feel it's faster in most on-lev...
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Stat Calculator

I threw this together for myself, to figure out what gear I wanted to get. The link is editable if anyone wants to clean it up a bit, or just use it for themselves.
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Chambers of Raiding

Sunday Night Challenge Run (RKC)

Runic Knights Challengers (RKC) is moving to a new level and you are invited to join. The goal of RKC is to allow everyone interested in endgame raiding a chance to participate and move towards more challenging content. In the “Chambers of Raiding...
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Abyss of Mordath Analysis Details compendium

So I've put together some screenshots which might prove valuable. I guess this post will be a constant work in progress, but at least it has helped me figure out the usefulness of the Analysis Details info you get from the Knowledge of the Lore-ma...
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Abyss of Mordath Tooltip compendium

I gathered some screenshots of important tooltips. This is also incomplete and I expect to be able to capture more of them as we continue going into the instance. So lets begin.These are the effects on The Devoured. The Devoured are the skeletons ...
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Chambers of Raiding

Guide to Consumable Gear

Consumable GearConsumables are one of the categories of gear in LOTRO. While many instances can be run without the use of consumables, others almost require you to have at least some on-hand. Keeping a full supply of your class and role's consumab...
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Bells of Dale T2 Analysis Details of Bosses

Was only able to get screenshots with debuffs, that should account for the variation. Still it might provide some valuable info, especially if we can assume that they will have the debuffs.
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Chambers of Raiding

Guide to Crowd Control

In some endgame instances Crowd Control (CC for short) can be crucial, and understanding the effects of different forms of CC is important for all players in the group. The objective of this guide is to lay out the basics of CC in order to help th...
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Chambers of Raiding

Guide to Stats

What are Stats?Stats - statistics - are the numbers used by the game to determine the effects of an attack you make on a mob; or a mob makes on you. You'll find stats on all of the equipment you use in-game, and as you have leveled you probably ha...
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Chambers of Raiding

Guide to imbuing LIs

Imbued Legendary Items are the strongest weapons in LOTRO.The process of imbuing can be very confusing, and Dadi's Guide To Imbuing is a very detailed guide.(If you used an Aria of the Valar on your first toon, and you don't even know what a Legen...
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Chambers of Raiding

Thrang Summer Festival Instance - Preliminary Walkthrough

The 2018 Summer Festival includes two new instances. One is an endgame scaleable fellowship version of the Thrang fight from the original rift raid. This is an initial introduction and tactical discussion of the fight. If you are not familiar w...
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Guardian Yellow-Line Trait Tree Build

Just posting my trait-tree build.Someday I might write a yellow-line tanking guide.
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Post Update 22.2 Trait Trees

Someone asked in kinchat so I figured I'd get this thread started. Here is the red line build I've been messing around with (I know I'm missing trait points, I'll get to it 😊):And the blue line build I'm soloing with:What new hunter builds has eve...
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Stat Overview - open to constructive criticism is a picture of my stats in game with the gear I currently have (working on upgrading it all).Can a fellow cap-level Hunter please tell me what I'm missing/need to work on improving?
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Chambers of Raiding

120 Essence Guide

EssencesEssences are stats that you drop into empty slots on certain pieces of armour. They allow you to focus on the stats that are important to you. The lotro-wiki has an excellent write-up (although the example pieces are mostly from level 105 ...
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Chambers of Raiding

Friday, April 6 2018

Hello all --I will not be at RKC this Friday (April 6, 2018). I am hoping Bitz will be able to make it, or that someone else can log on and get something rolling for those that show up, but I will be out of town.Good luck on whatever run you get i...
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advanced loremaster tips

Mir and I were talking about this yesterday. It's possible to cycle through your pets to keep up all the useful debuffs at once. linkIf you look at the screenshot posted by myic90, he is summoning a pet, using its debuff, then dismissing the pet...
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