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Chambers of Raiding

[Pinned] RKC Roster -- updated weekly-ish

Now that we're getting 12+ signing up for RKC ahead of time, I can actually figure out our roster and instance a little bit early. I will aim to get this posted Saturday evenings. If your availability has changed since you signed up, please let me...
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Chambers of Raiding

[Pinned] Basics of Morgul Vale gearing & endgame

(updated 3/26/2020 post-raid release)A new endgame can be confusing. Here's some basic information to help you sort out your options.There are 8 ways to get gear right now: Quest rewards mostly ilevel 400, green, with a few purple ilevel 405s Re...
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Kinship Members Handbook

[Pinned] Rules of Communication

KINSHIP RULES OF COMMUNICATION1. Profanity will not be tolerated or used in any chat, both public and kin chat. As a member of our kinship you are a representative of our kinship 24/7.2. Trolling or harassment of any kind, of any player, in either...
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[Pinned] RK DNF Plugin
Rune Keeper

[Pinned] RK DNF Plugin

Here is a plugin I have written to make it easier for RKs to keep track of their Do Not Fall This Day cooldowns. Unzip the Dropbox file into the Plugins folder and load DoNotFall in the LotR...
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[Pinned] Moors Raiding!

[Pinned] Moors Raiding!

5/27/16Hey Knights!A couple days ago, Tyvos, Astey, and I played around the Moors a bit. It was fun, and I think it could be more fun to consider setting up some fun Moors raiding.For those of you who are unfamiliar with Monster Play: The Ettenmoo...
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Kinship Members Handbook


Runic Knights ConstitutionThe Mission of the Runic Knights is, first and foremost, to have FUN. Also maintain a causal kin with variety in a family friendly environment. Member rights and responsibilities is Respect: Be respected for yourself and ...
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Kinship Members Handbook

[Pinned] New membership Info.

Hello new recruit! If you have found yourself here then I want to thank you for joining our website. This site is intended to be the heart of the Runic Community. So you either asked to join or accepted an invitation by one of our officers. Welcom...
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Big Battles

[Pinned] Big Battle Traits

(Guide to Best possible maxed out Traits for certain roles within the Big battles)(Pictures of certain "jobs" will be posted as the information has been gathered)The total amount of points one is able to obtain at the current point cap for Big Bat...
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Block, Parry, or Evade?

I placed this information in this forum as I was pondering if I should emphasis Parry or Evade or keep them even for my burglar, Pylo.I found an interesting, but dated, thread in the LOTRO forums."
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Chambers of Raiding

Instance Readiness Estimator -- lvl 120

Hey kin! Several of us have been working together to develop a way to get a fairly quick, but VERY BASIC idea of which instances your toon is most ready to run. It's called our Instance Readiness Estimator, developed by several RK members specific...
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Chambers of Raiding

RKC raiders: HIGHLY recommended plugin

For anyone that does, or hopes to, regularly run the RKC with us on Sunday nights (and the occasional Friday when my schedule allows), I would like to STRONGLY encourage all DPS to install a plugin called Combat Analysis. Combat Analysis allows yo...
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Could somebody explain how to get level 120 medium armor?

I am confused about where to go and what to do to obtain what I need to participate in the Friday and Sunday rko (or whatever its called
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SKOT Raids

What is SKOT?

Some Kind Of Trouble (SKOT) is a regularly occurring kin event that happens every week at:Sunday 9pm (server time) It is an all kin raid for folks that want to run multi-player content for fun. It is all about having fun. There are no gear re...
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Soloing Grey Mountains 3-mans

So today I've soloed Glimmerdeep and Thrumfall 3-man on T1. I recorded it, so here's the Last boss in Glimmer if anyone wants to emulate it. You can check the channel for the other parts of Glimmer. I'll be uploading the Thrumfall vids soon enough...
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Chambers of Raiding

120 gear, U23 screenshots

Let's collect some screenshots of gear, while we're all waiting for the Wiki to be updated.Screenshot of the contents of Adventurer's Coffer, Incomparable, Will armour (from Embers Quartermaster in Skarhald):Screenshot of the contents of Adventure...
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Chambers of Raiding

Grey Mountains -- ember acquisition

In the Grey Mountains endgame (120, Update 23), embers are the new Ash. You can barter them for boxes with your choices of gear in them. Exactly what's in those boxes I personally don't yet know, but hope to soon.For your reference, here is a list...
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Chambers of Raiding

Fall Festival / Halloween - Trick or Treat Locations (Brandywine)

Here are the locations of 7/8 of the candies on doormats at my houses. I do not have the Mint Turtles (sorry about that) but I do have Ent Bark, Liquorice Twist, Apple Goblins, Jam Tarts, Marshmallows, Mad Baggins Gold and Honey Bears.Update! Due ...
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Chambers of Raiding

RKC Basic -- Friday, October 5, 2018

Bitz and Cel will be out of town for this event and will not be here to run it. There may be another officer or kinmember step up to get something going; otherwise, it should be considered canceled for the week.-Cel
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Levelling a Champion

I am currently leveling up a Champion and about to hit 50. So far, I have been going dual wield yellow line. I see a lot threads that suggest Red line. However, I think that is because there is a lot of old data out there.For soloing overland, ...
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Class Help

Low level trait points

While at work, I was watching a levelling guide for a class I was interested in on youtube. What I noticed that the character was 42, but had 52 trait points. I believe I only have half of that around the same level.Am I missing out on someth...
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