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A new endgame can be confusing. Here's some basic information to help you sort out your options.

There are 6 ways to get gear right now:
  • Quest rewards mostly ilevel 400, green, with a few purple ilevel 405s
  • Reclamation reputation barter ilevel 405, green
  • Instance boxes T1 solo doesn't seem to drop anything; T1 duo and trio drops green, T2 trio drops green slightly higher ilevel, and T3 trio can drop purple pieces.
  • Guild-recipes teal head & neck pieces, shields, (all require 10 Ithilgalad components plus regular ingredients), off-hands, & bows
  • Embers boxes barter at the Adventurer's quarter-master for purple gear/jewellery boxes, and teal weapons/shields
  • Reputation recipes upon reaching Reclamation III reputation (I think that's completing 6 tiers, they are set up differently) you may barter relics for recipes of full sets of gear/jewellery; recipes use 3 Ithilharn shards, plus regular ingredients
Embers are rewarded by dailies, weeklies, disenchanting T3 instance gear drops.

Shards can be obtained from crafting nodes and the plentiful chests throughout the region.

Ithilgalad components (hides, gems, etc.) are chosen from Crafting Component boxes; these boxes drop from boss chests in instances (seem to drop more often for larger sizes and higher tiers), and sometimes are rewarded when disenchanting T1/T2 instance gear drops, which otherwise disenchant into crafting materials

Essences aren't yet needed in the same quantity we used at 120. They drop off landscape mobs and are available as barter boxes at the Adventurer's quartermaster. Currently the highest tier is Flickering Moonlist Essences; they're a green background, t12, iLevel 405 and can only be used at level 121 or higher.

Dailies: Unlock when quest deeds in all 5 Imlad Morgul regions are completed; take quests in Echad Uial (65.1S, 4.1E)
  • 2 from Tordoron to collect items within the instances. Each quests gives 1 relic worth 200 rep., even though the tooltip says 250
    • Wanted: Crafter's Steel, Worn Trinkets -- the items can be collected from Harrowing or Roost at any level 123 or above
    • Wanted: Deep-lichen, Smooth Stones -- collected from Filthwell or Barrows, also 123 or above
  • 8 from Ereblen, to be completed within the instances; can be completed as low as 121. Each quest rewards 1 relic worth 200 rep., even though the tooltip says 250
    • 1 in Shadow-Roost -- Abandoned Eggs
    • 2 in Harrowing of Morgul -- Brutal Instruments, & Untainted Spies
    • 2 in Deep-Barrow -- Bones of Sacrifice, Runes of Corruption
    • 3 in Filth-well -- Lost Relics, Remnants of Rauniel, & Restoring the Morgulduin

Weeklies: Must be lvl 130 to do these
  • Imlad Morgul: Continued Threats -- Kill an unidentified number of scourges from Mordor Besieged area (9 is enough, less might be); awards 1 relic worth 1K rep, 500 embers, and 3K virtue XP
  • Imlad Morgul: the Reclamation -- complete daily quests (I know finishing the 10 dailies once is enough but I don't know if fewer would work); awards 2 relics worth 1K each, 500 embers, and 3K virtue XP
  • Imlad Morgul: Vale of Sorcery -- run all 4 instances, level 123 or higher; any size, any tier will work; awards 2 relics worth 2K each, 500 embers, and 2K virtue XP
  • Sigils of Imlad Ithil for Embers -- must have rep (The Reclamation Continues IV or higher) with Reclamation of Minas Ithil; talk to the Quartermaster in Estolad Lan/Echad Uial to turn in 100 Sigils of Imlad Ithil for 500 embers
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Great stuff, Cel! Awesomeness to you! Thank you! 😎
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