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(updated 3/26/2020 post-raid release)

A new endgame can be confusing. Here's some basic information to help you sort out your options.

There are 8 ways to get gear right now:
  • Quest rewards mostly ilevel 400, green, with a few purple ilevel 405s
  • Reclamation reputation barter ilevel 405, green
  • Instance boxes T1 solo doesn't seem to drop anything; T1 duo and trio drops green, T2 trio drops green slightly higher ilevel, and T3 trio can drop purple pieces.
  • Guild-recipes teal head & neck pieces, shields, (all require 10 Ithilgalad components plus regular ingredients), off-hands, & bows
  • Embers boxes barter at the Adventurer's quarter-master for purple gear/jewellery boxes, and teal weapons/shields
  • Reputation recipes upon reaching Reclamation III reputation (I think that's completing 6 tiers, they are set up differently) you may barter relics for recipes of full sets of gear/jewellery; recipes use 3 Ithilharn shards, plus regular ingredients
  • 6-man instance barterer after completing T1 and/or T2 of the 6-mans you are able to barter embers for purple and teal gear
  • Remmorchant barterer after completing T1 you can barter embers for gear; after completing T2 you can barter T2 drops for items from a different set
Embers are rewarded by weeklies, or disenchanting T2+ instance gear drops.

Shards can be obtained from crafting nodes and the plentiful chests throughout the region, and 3 of the weekly quests (you do not get a shard for the "sigils for embers" quest).

Ithilgalad components (hides, gems, etc.) are chosen from Crafting Component boxes; these boxes drop from boss chests in instances (seem to drop more often for larger sizes and higher tiers), and sometimes are rewarded when disenchanting yellow (non-embers) instance gear drops, which otherwise disenchant into crafting materials

Essences are available as landscape drops (green only); barter boxes at the Adventurer's quartermaster; and via crafting. For 3K embers at the Quartermaster, you can get a purple essence which can be disenchanted into a malleable; 4 malleables allow you to craft a teal essence. If you're really looking to max your gear out there are also trigger essences, which are a random drop from the critted crafted teal essence box. Consider using a "Universal Optional Crafting Ingredient", which is a reward from completing 10 tasks at any taskboard, and gives you a 100% crit. chance on 1 recipe.

Solvents are required for crafting essences; there is a 1-time quest to complete the Remmorchant raid, any tier, which rewards 5 solvents. It is not a repeatable quest.

Dailies: Unlock when quest deeds in all 5 Imlad Morgul regions are completed; take quests in Echad Uial (65.1S, 4.1E)
  • 3 from Tordoron to collect items within the instances. Each quests gives 1 relic worth 200 rep., even though the tooltip says 250
    • Wanted: Crafter's Steel, Worn Trinkets -- the items can be collected from Harrowing or Roost at any level 122 or above
    • Wanted: Deep-lichen, Smooth Stones -- collected from Filthwell or Barrows, also 122 or above
    • Wanted: Morgul Plaster, Treated Dowels -- collected from the 6-man instances, level 122 or above
  • 13 from Ereblen, to be completed within the instances; can be completed as low as 121. Each quest rewards 1 relic worth 200 rep., even though the tooltip says 250
    • 1 in Shadow-Roost -- Abandoned Eggs
    • 2 in Harrowing of Morgul -- Brutal Instruments, & Untainted Spies
    • 2 in Deep-Barrow -- Bones of Sacrifice, Runes of Corruption
    • 3 in Filth-well -- Lost Relics, Remnants of Rauniel, & Restoring the Morgulduin
    • 2 in Halls of Black Lord -- Morgule Manuscrips, Gondorian Scrolls
    • 3 in Houses of Lamentation -- Dark Rituals, Roots of Evil, & The Reserves

Weeklies: Must be lvl 130 to do these
  • Imlad Morgul: Continued Threats -- Kill an unidentified number of scourges from Mordor Besieged area (9 is enough, less might be); awards 1 relic worth 1K rep, 500 embers, and 3K virtue XP
  • Imlad Morgul: the Reclamation -- complete 10 of the daily quests; awards 2 relics worth 1K each, 500 embers, and 3K virtue XP
  • Imlad Morgul: Vale of Sorcery -- run all 4 instances, level 123 or higher; any size, any tier will work; awards 2 relics worth 2K each, 500 embers, and 2K virtue XP
  • Sigils of Imlad Ithil for Embers -- must have rep (The Reclamation Continues IV or higher) with Reclamation of Minas Ithil; talk to the Quartermaster in Estolad Lan/Echad Uial to turn in 100 Sigils of Imlad Ithil for 500 embers
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Great stuff, Cel! Awesomeness to you! Thank you! 😎
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