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I am confused about where to go and what to do to obtain what I need to participate in the Friday and Sunday rko (or whatever its called
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Hey Abarian!

On Sundays we've been running Anvil T1 or T2.

For T1, a hunter needs to have at least:
  • Morale: 70K
  • Crit: 15%
  • Finesse: 15%
  • Mastery: 120%
  • Probably will need mostly T12 essences and teal item-level 376 gear; with some purple gear, and some T11 essences to get here.

For T2, a hunter needs at least:
  • Morale: 80K
  • Crit rating: 18%
  • Finesse: 20%
  • Mastery: 180%
  • Most people will have purple 382+, or teal 376+ gear; and all purple essences before they are able to get their stats this high.

There is a forum post here that gives lots of helpful information for finding gear, but I'll try to summarize it for you.

  • Crafted: recipe is auto-bestowed but needs a universal solvent, several resources (ingots, boards, etc.), and 1 dwarrowgleam shard for each essence.
  • Bartered: the Adventurer's Quartermaster in Skarhald, left of the first set of stairs, will barter essences for embers. Personally I prefer to use embers for gear, and craft my essences.

Teal 370 gear: crafted; recipes bartered for at Dwarf-Holds Crafting Quartermaster in Skarhald

Teal 376 gear: barter at the Adventurer's Quartermaster in Skarhald, or loot from boss chests in Grey Mountains instances (Glimmerdeep 3-man, Thrumfall 3-man, and Thikil-Gundu 6-man: NOT the resource instance repeatables!)

This post explains the various places to get embers.

If you really don't have time to try to read through all of that, your best bet is to run resource instances as often as possible, and sometimes do 2- or 3-man Glimmerdeep, Thrumfall, and 6-man Thikil-Gundu. Eventually you'll get the drops you need, or the embers you need to barter for it. But you can make it go faster by reading through some of that info and working on some other things.
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