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#13829362 Aug 04, 2018 at 11:18 AM
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Runic Knights Challengers (RKC) is moving to a new level and you are invited to join. The goal of RKC is to allow everyone interested in endgame raiding a chance to participate and move towards more challenging content. In the “Chambers of Raiding” on the kin site you will find a link called “Mordor: Gearing Up” that can aid you choosing, finding and determining where to go for gear and where you are with your gear.

Leaders may choose to do a basic or a challenge run. Basic runs are open to anyone with minimal level gear at or above lvl 115 crafted gear and a class make up that meets needed roles. Challenge runs are limited to those with better gear and are more class and trait line restricted.

Unscheduled runs including tier 2 challenge (t2c) box/coin runs happen through out the week and typically are treated as a basic run with a few exceptions. The RKC run on Friday night starting at 9pm server time (ST) is open to all endgamers with runs being selected based on participants' gear and experience.

Starting this Sunday evening August 5th at 8:30pm ST we will be having our first scheduled challenge run time. This time will be used to try Naerband t2, Abyss t2, Seregost t2c and/or other highly challenging content. To reserve your spot and role ahead of time you can sign-up at the kinsite on the Events Calendar or an in-game mail sent to Bitz. Those who have shown readiness with their role by completing t2 lvl 115 Seregost will be given preference over those who have not, along with considerations for needed roles and class make up.

The goal for the Sunday Night Challenge run will be to learn and complete even more challenging content so gear will be a deciding factor in who fills various spots. Room will be available in Roving Threats followed by a SKOT starting at 9pm ST for those not filling a spot in the challenge run.

#13830444 Aug 05, 2018 at 08:38 PM
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FYI, if you've signed up we'll give you about 5 minutes grace (8:35) before we start looking to fill the spot with an alternate.

Consider yourselves warned.
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