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#13829325 Aug 04, 2018 at 10:19 AM
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So I've put together some screenshots which might prove valuable. I guess this post will be a constant work in progress, but at least it has helped me figure out the usefulness of the Analysis Details info you get from the Knowledge of the Lore-master skill.

Before anything else, I would like to explain something: You will find that the values of un-debuffed targets are not very useful, they all appear as "Remarkable" or "Incredible". As I went gathering more screenshots it became clear that maybe it was more useful to take the screenshots of debuffed targets. This is because the threshold between the different categories seems to be larger at the high end, than at the low end. So maybe theres a 5% difference between "Remarkable" and "Incredible", but only a 2% difference between "Fair" and "Good". What this means is that small differences in the mitigations might reveal themselves on a debuffed target, where they might have remained hidden with no debuffs. Of course, the problem with this approach is I cannot account for every debuff being applied on the target, but given how I see the resistance values sway, I'd say the Lore-master debuffs are probably the most relevant, and I can account for those.

Now for all the Analysis details, no-debuffs applied.

So by now you can probably tell why I said the un-debuffed Analysis Details were not very helpful. However I have gathered some debuffed versions, and that can help us figure out what kind of damage is most useful in general.

This is what fingar looks like with no debuffs:

This is what he looks with an unidentified debuff (any ideas?) that reduces common mitigation:

This is what he looks like with weak Ancient Craft (-25902 armour)

This is what he looks like with strong Ancient Craft (-40814 armour) (+unidentified common mit debuff?) (It seems I took the screenshots right when the debuffs were refreshing, sometimes it does that when the target has many of them)

This is what he looks like with Weak Ancient Craft (-25902 armour) and Sticky Tar (-10% Fire Mitigation) (+unidentified common mit debuff?)

So...I'm still not sure how useful all of this is. It's kind of useful if we can assume we will always have more or less the same debuffs. Again, I can't account for all debuffs, because I don't know all the icons, but it can still be useful to give us a general idea. I'll try to keep adding on this as I manage to gather more info.
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