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General Armour Information

Armour is the equipment you wear that provides the stats used to calculate how much damage is dealt or taken.

Understanding the tooltip

Picture -- generally helpful as to type of equipment
Name -- often helps categorize the piece as offensive or defensive
  • color of text tells the “color”, of the piece
  • yellow text < purple text < teal text < gold text
Bound to -- binding is the limitations of who can use the piece
  • account: can trade or to alts on the same account
  • Character: no trading
  • Bind (to character or account) on equip: free to trade until put into an equipment slot
  • Bind (to character or account) on acquire: the binding happens when it's removed from the chest
  • Fellowship tradeable (timer): Can be traded to a fellow or raid member who was present when chest was made, and did not have chest locks on; afterwards will bind to account
Item level -- helps categorize and rank different items with the same minimum equip level
Heavy/Medium/Light armour -- affects who can use it; generally indicated amount of armour, if applicable, and type of stats (main stats) found on it
Essence slots -- empty slots for putting essences in
Armour value -- 100% to physical mits, 20% to tactical mits
Other stats -- stats intrinsic to the piece, unchangeable; tend to be categorizable as offensive of defensive, and correlate to the names.
Durability -- damage taken, and left ‘til it needs repaired
Minimum level -- character must be this level to equip the item
Worth -- value if you sell it to a vendor

115 Equipment

At level 115, you can find armour sets, jewellery, non-LI bows, off-hand weapons, and relics. The spreadsheet Finding 115 Equipment will help you know where you can find the various pieces of gear available.

Armour sets
  • Generally designed to be offensive (used by DPS and usually support) or defensive (used by tanks and healers)
  • Names will generally follow a pattern -- "some kind of (helm, legs, etc.) of (offensive category or defensive category). Thus, the "Fancy Cap of the Wyrm" is an offensive helm, and "Fancy Cap of the Abyss" is a defensive helm.

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