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Consumable Gear

Consumables are one of the categories of gear in LOTRO. While many instances can be run without the use of consumables, others almost require you to have at least some on-hand. Keeping a full supply of your class and role's consumable items in your bags can lead to easier fights and faster instances. Some consumables are available to all classes; others are specific to class. Below is a summary of the various kinds and where to get them.

General Consumables
Food - comes in 3 kinds
  • Trail food: temporary increase to stats; which stats depends on which kind of trail food you make
  • Fortifying food: temporary increase to resistances
  • Cooked food: temporary increase to in-combat and out-of-combat power & morale regeneration
  • Crafted by Cooks, or purchased from the AH

  • Crafted by scholars
  • Increase mitigations, or mastery

Potions - 6 kinds
  • Athelas essences - morale restore
  • Celebrant essences - power restore
  • Lhinestad draught - removes 1 disease (yellow) debuff from the user
  • Conhuith draught - removes 1 fear (purple) debuff from the user
  • Milkthistle draught - removes 1 poison (green) debuff from the user
  • Healing draught - removes 1 wound (red) debuff from the user
  • Crafted by scholars or bought from the AH
  • Each tier has a maximum level at which it is effective (based on mob's level)

The debuff removal draughts are color-coded to match the removable debuffs to which they apply. If you have a debuff (negative over-time effect of various kinds) under your morale bar that is surrounded by a bright red, yellow, green, or purple box -- you may remove it with your class's skill, or with the matching-color draught. If it is NOT surrounded by a colored box, it cannot be removed either with a draught OR with your skill.
***CAUTION -- there are also lhinestad, conhuith, milkthistle, & healing SALVES, which will remove the same type of debuff as a draught, but act on the user's TARGET. While these can be useful, they share a cooldown with the draughts and can lead to accidental use on the wrong target. They should be acquired and used cautiously.***

Edhelharn (Hope) tokens: increase your character's hope. Hope will counteract dread, and if you have more hope than dread you get a buff of 1% increase to morale & outgoing damage for each level of hope. More dread than hope results in a non-removable debuff that decreases morale and outgoing damage, and increases incoming damage. Hope tokens are crafted by jewellers, and can be bought/sold on the AH as well.

Class-specific consumables

  • Potions - crafted by scholars; increase wrath or size of devastate

  • Throwing weapons - crafted by weaponsmiths; deal damage
  • Tricks - crafted by weaponsmiths; marbles stun & open FMs, caltrops slow & damage multiple mobs

  • Crests - crafted by woodworkers; 4 kinds; increase herald heals & power; mastery & morale; mastery & crit; or crit. d. & morale
  • Tonics -- crafted by scholars; decrease skill power cost

  • Horns - crafted by woodworkers, stun targets
  • Potions - crafted by scholars, add fervour

  • Shield-spikes - crafted by weaponsmiths; change damage type and/or add crit chance to shield skills

  • Bow-chants - crafted by scholars; decrease evade or block chance, or mitigation of ranged skills
  • Oils - crafted by scholars; adds light or fire damage to skills
  • Potions - adds focus

  • Parables - crafted by scholars; next induction cannot be interrupted & costs less power
  • Pet food - crafted by cooks; buffs pets in specific ways, see Pet Food

  • Lute-strings - crafted by cooks; decrease healing threat
  • Sheet music - crafted by scholars; decrease power cost of inductions

  • Parchments - crafted by woodworkers; boost outgoing healing or finesse
  • Rune-tools - crafted by scholars; enamels increase attunement by 3; inlays make the next induction un-interruptable, and cost less power

  • Shield-spikes - crafted by weaponsmiths; change damage type and/or add crit chance to shield skills
  • Battle Hymns - crafted by scholars; add damage to shield, spear, or fist gambits
  • Oils - crafted by scholars; adds light or fire damage to skills
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In regards to Minstrel "Sheet music - crafted by scholars; decrease power cost of inductions";
an additional benefit is that the "Next induction cannot be interrupted."
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One additional General Consumable that might be of use in special cases:

Combat Run Speed Boost

Consumed On Use
On Use: Your run speed increases, allowing you to flee from combat [or move to a safer place].
+20% Run Speed
Duration: 10s
Cooldown: 1m

"Provides a temporary increase to your in-combat movement speed.
Does not affect movement speed while mounted."

Available from:
  • This item is a possible reward from Hobbit Presents.
  • This item may be purchased from the Lotro Store in a stack of 5 for 155 LOTRO Points.
  • It is also found in Eorlingas Iron-bound Lootboxes.
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