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Imbued Legendary Items are the strongest weapons in LOTRO.

The process of imbuing can be very confusing, and Dadi's Guide To Imbuing is a very detailed guide.

(If you used an Aria of the Valar on your first toon, and you don't even know what a Legendary Item IS, I recommend you take a quick look at the Legendary Item page of the lotro-wiki, or grab an experience player and ask a lot of questions!)

When my son hit level 100 I gave him a simplified process to follow. Below is that list, with a bit more information afterwards.

  • Get your First Age weapon & class item
  • Make a list of which legacies you want
  • Identify your LI and level to 30, reforging at 30
  • Mark on your list which legacies your LI already has
  • Disable leveling on your First Age LI, and level Third Age level 100 LIs to farm the legacies you want
  • When a Third-Age LI has your desired legacy, level it to 30, deconstruct and remove the legacy you want
  • Put that on your First Age LI, replacing one of your undesired legacies
  • Repeat until you have 6 of the legacies you want
  • Use a Crystal of Remembrance, giving you an empty legacy slot
  • Max your First Age LI and do final reforge
  • (optional) Use Scrolls of Empowerment to tier up the rank of any legacies that are not maxed
  • (optional) Use up to 3 Star-lit crystals
  • Imbue -- verify before finalizing that the legacies are going to be the ones you want after imbuing
  • Use a Scroll of Delving, leveling all legacies by 1 (saves a lot of scrolls this way!)
  • Add relics

Getting your First Age LI

Some First Age Legendary Items (here-after in this guide, LIs) can be bartered for, using Gift-giver's Brands at the Roving Threat quartermasters. It costs 50 brands per weapon, and the class items are not available. All weapons are there, though, so wardens and hunters can get both of their LIs this way. Remember to look at your race traits when choosing the type of weapon you use; you will eventually want that 5% bonus you can get for using the right type, and believe me -- you will NOT want to re-make an LI if you pick the wrong type the first time!

The rest of us will have to either craft our class item, have it crafted for us, or buy one off of the AH. All crafted LIs require a Blemished Symbol of the Elder King. They can be purchased from other players, and will drop sometimes in Epic Battles or the quest reward boxes for Featured Instance quests.

Choosing your Legacies

An LI can have 6 (or if you use a crystal of remembrance, 7) legacies on it. You should aim for 7. Legacies are class-specific AND item-specific. That is, each class has certain legacies available for their weapon, and different ones available on their class item (or second weapon, for hunters & wardens). There are some legacies that change when a weapon is imbued, so make sure you're looking at the post-imbuement legacies when you decide what you want; BUT when you make your list, double-check the legacy's pre-imbuement name or you will be leveling third-age weapons forever looking for the wrong legacy. Legendary Legacies Index

Many legacies are most effective when your toon is running in a specific trait-line. Some affect skills only available in certain lines. Therefore, it is very important to know and remember which trait-line and role you plan to use this LI for while you're deciding which legacies you want. If you're not certain, talk to kinnies that you know play your class and role well, and see what they feel is important. That will give you more information for making your own decisions.

Once you have your list of desired legacies:
  • Mark on your list which legacies your LI already has
  • Level your LI to 30, reforging at level 10, 20, and 30
  • At each reforge, if any of your desired legacies is offered, choose that one; if not, it doesn't matter which you choose
  • At level 30, disable leveling until you have 6 of your 7 desired legacies. You can choose the 7th after imbuing.

If, at level 30, you have legacies you don't want, and are missing some of the ones you do want, you will need to farm legacies to get the ones you want.
  • Craft, buy, or barter for a third age (they're cheaper, although second or first would work as well) equip level 100 legendary item
  • Level to 30, then visit a relic-master and deconstruct
  • If it has one of your desired legacies, remove it -- it becomes a scroll in your bag
  • If it does NOT have a desired legacy, remove something random and sell or drop that scroll
  • Use the scroll from the desired legacy on your First Age Legendary Item, replacing one of the legacies you DON'T want.

Repeat this process until you have 6 of your 7 legacies. Then, re-enable leveling and return to the list above.

Adding Crystals and Scrolls

Crystals of Remembrance (one per LI) will add an empty legacy slot; you can farm the legacy you want and add it, or just wait until after you imbue and choose from the entire list of available legacies -- including the stat ones. I find that easier. These crystals can be purchased from other players; they also drop from FI boxes and boss chests in instances level 96+, and are rewards for one or more quests.

Scrolls of Delving (one per LI) ad an additional 70 levels to a pre-imbued LI. This allows one more re-forge before imbuing, which means you need 1 less scroll of empowerment to fully max your imbued LI. Do not do this. Instead, use the Scroll of Delving after imbuing the LI. This will add 1 more level to each legacy, meaning you need 7 less scrolls of empowerment. They're available in the skirmish camp, among other places.

Star-list Crystals increase your LI's intrinsic stat. For weapons this is almost always damage rating (the DPS rating on the weapon's tooltip); for class items it varies -- some are still DPS; others examples are outgoing healing rating, incoming healing rating, or shield rating. Using up to 3 star-lit crystals pre-imbuement give a slight boost to the passive, non-% stats (if there are any) on your LI compared to not using them.Star-lits are available as barters in several places; quest rewards; and drops in instances.

Scrolls of Empowerment increase the ranking or level of the other legacies on your LI. Each level makes that legacy more powerful. Scrolls are rewards in instances, for quests, and barterable in quite a few places. You will need a lot, so start early!

Relics: Settings, Gems, & Runes add stats to your LI. You get them when you deconstruct an LI. They also can drop from boss chests and other reward chests, and there are some barterable ones in Mordor. There are more details on acquiring the Mordor ones in our Equipment Guide.

Your Imbued First Age Legendary Items are one of the most important pieces of gear -- take your time to get them right. Remember your race (for the racial trait bonus damage), class, trait-line and role as you make your choices, and you will have a powerful weapon to use, no matter your role.

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