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#13803889 Jun 28, 2018 at 05:27 PM
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The 2018 Summer Festival includes two new instances. One is an endgame scaleable fellowship version of the Thrang fight from the original rift raid. This is an initial introduction and tactical discussion of the fight. If you are not familiar with the Thrang fight, it occurs in the lava floor arena that the rift skirmish ends in.

You will enter the instance from the top of the arena on the side that's actually over the exit from the rift version. Jump down and you will see a "remembrance" on the ground near the center fire puddle. Click on that remembrance to get quests (yes this is a new mechanic).

After everyone has gotten the quests, move around the arena on the outside (Left is better imho) until you are in the last solid ground area before you cross the lava to get to the ground beneath the stairs. Thrang is at the top and is green. When you approach close enough (about where the lava stream is between the ground there and the ground at the base of the stairs), Thrang will aggro and start the fight. However, at this point you want to stay back and get organized to start the fight.

The fight has three basic phases. The first one is just the first few seconds of the fight, but we found it to be quite easy to wipe in, so I will mention it separately.

1. Start - Thrang is at the top of the stairs and will activate when you are close enough. In the first 2 phases, he will not move from that spot. Unlike the raid, however, he is plenty dangerous at this point. He also benefits from an exploit. While he can see and target you from up there (he uses a bow in phases 1-2), you will not have line of sight to him. The tank should use hover and H to create a Thrang target box. This will come in handy through the fight.

When you are ready to start the fight, your LM (if you have one, and this fight is MUCH easier with one) should put Stun Immunity (Sign of Power:Righteousness) on the tank. The tank will then charge across the lava stream and up the stairs to shout (fray, EOB etc) Thrang. As the tank does, Thrang will also start an induction. INTERRUPT IT! (This induction appears to be for his new special attack "Rage and Fury" (R&F) that is quite literally a group wiper. Thrang will then punt the tank back down the stairs. Expect this and be ready for it.

The rest of the group will come across after the tank. Melee dps should stay very close of the bottom of the stairs, and for the healers and ranged dps, a spot a bit up the left (as you are facing them) stairs is good, so long as you have line of sight. Positioning is very important due to fumaroles. Once the fight starts, fumaroles (those mini-volcano-looking things) will sprout on the solid ground. When they explode, they do considerable damage and they stun. You want to avoid that effect as much as possible. There is also a red ground fire puddle effect that appears occasionally that does damage and you need to avoid as much as possible. This may be associated with an exploding fumarole.

2. A few seconds after the fight starts, the first wave of adds will spawn at the door at the top of the stairs and run down both sides of the stairs. The tank will run back down and grab as many of these as possible. Phase two will simply be killing these adds for 2-4 waves. The adds look very much like the adds in the rift raid, except the waves are more mixed. They include defilers (you don't get the wave of 4 shamans as in the raid thank goodness), warriors, archers and summoners which summon worms.

Trash mob priority is defilers first, summoners second, archers third and warriors last. A good champ can AOE down the trash while the group FFs the defilers. As always, keep an eye on the archers as they will target the healers. Mezz or range tank if the tank can't easily aggro them.

The tank will need to check on Thrang occasionally to see when he switches to the healer and if necessary run back up to shout again. (This is where the hover target come in handy) I found I was able to keep him on my guard for much of this phase with AOE threat skills but eventually the healer will likely pull him off. When the tank goes back up, he must watch for an induction and if one pops, interrupt again.

[Where you fight the adds in phase 2 is up to you, so long as you (1) keep the group from getting hit by fumaroles which spawn through the ground; and (2) stay within range of Thrang. We tested what would happen if we aggro'd Thrang then moved out of range to the other side of the arena. SSG added a nasty anti-exploit mechanism - Thrang's Rage and Fury special attack transferred to the defilers! The key thing is staying close enough together so your tank can aggro the trash and your healer doesn't get beat on. We found the stairs positioning worked well at this point. The tank must be alert to pull mobs coming down the top left to the group, while the mobs coming down the other side will generally have to run through the tank and can be picked up easily.]

3. The final phase starts with a message "Thrang has entered the fight (or fray?)" He runs down to the ground beneath the stairs and the party begins. This last phase is like the last phase of the raid fight, except more adds keep spawning and Thrang has a nasty attack. It appears adds spawn on a timer throughout the fight. Once Thrang enters the fight, he will begin spamming his R&F attack every once in a while. We think this attack is associated with his induction that can be interrupted. If R&F it goes off, every toon within range (around 15 meters or so) will get hit for a ton of damage, anywhere from 80K-100K depending on mits! You must interrupt this attack, or run from it. (20 meters seemed to be enough).

While the group kills or controls the adds, the tank begins the process of tanking and positioning Thrang. Thrang is virtually immune to damage except for a short period (10-15 seconds) when he is debuffed. There will be an icon showing his resistance to damage - its the first one on his bar. so get used to what it looks like. To debuff Thrang, the tank will pull Thrang next to a fumarole. When the fumarole explodes, it debuffs Thrang for a short time and all
deeps should concentrate on him. The invulnerability icon will disappear and he will get one that looks like a broken ankle (which unfortunately appears at the end of his bar rather than the beginning). Once the debuff wears off, the process begins again. The tank will have to move Thrang around to find spawned fumaroles, so the group may need to reposition throughout the fight.

What makes phase three most challenging is that the adds will continue to come, so total mob dps is higher. We moved most of the group to the ground across the lava stream (where we started the fight from worked best, as it gave the group time to pick up adds while the tank was dancing with Thrang.

To succeed in phase three and get the kills, you must manage all of the following:

1. Keep the tank alive while s/he dances with Thrang. A LM is very helpful here - otherwise the tank will get stunned at times, take more damage, not be able to reposition as quickly, and, worst case scenario, not be able to interrupt the R&F attack which will wipe half the group at 115. The LM should maintain SI on the tank at all times.

2. Maintain control of the adds, without letting them keep you away from dpsing Thrang when he is vulnerable. Adds should be farmed when Thrang is not vulnerable.

3. Avoid fumaroles and the red fire puddles. You may be able to stay positioned on the stairs as before, but the tank will have his attention on Thrang and not as free to pick up adds. The problem with this approach is that it will limit the number of fumaroles available to you and may prolong the fight.

4. Avoid R&F. The special attack occurs about every minute, more or less. While tanking I was able to interrupt it so long as I wasn't stunned. You need a backup for the tank on this if at all possible. (This is a must if there is no LM in the group).

5. Keep the group alive. Keep mobs debuffed and the tank stun immune so that mob damage is limited, and keep the healers backs' clear. Help healers out by being aware of and moving away from active fumaroles, stay out of lava streams (or the red ground puddles), and clear your dots as you get them.

Group Composition: At a minimum you need a main tank, a main healer and 2-3 Dps. Highly advisable is a LM (this fight is considerably harder without one, and a solid yellow LM is best at 115); some AOE dps, and something that can off-tank. An experienced tank will be able to control Thrang and most mobs, but the mechanics of the fight make it very hard for the tank to pick up everything, especially in phase 3. A captain or off-healer would also be helpful.

Note: I don't think the R&F attack appears in phases 1-2 except when the tank goes up to aggro Thrang. This suggests the attack requires a toon within melee range. The attack appears to be an AOE effect centered on Thrang's position and hitting everything within a certain range.

Gear: This fight is heavy in fire damage. Tactical mits at or near cap is really handy.
#13803997 Jun 28, 2018 at 08:50 PM
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Great write-up Ferec, thanks!

A couple of questions, comments:

1. Did you try this again besides the time I was with you? Were you able to complete it at 115 once we figured out the interrupt mechanic?

2. When you first "travel now" you actually enter standing right in front of the remembrance. You only have to drop down from above if you wipe, as you respawn there. And BTW there is a gate so retreating if you die midfight will gain you nothing.

3. Paragraph 9, you say the rest of the group should FF defilers. I'm thinking maybe you meant CC? If not -- what does FF mean? It's not an abbreviation I've run across before.

4. Paragraph 12, RE: the final phase -- in addition to the message you mention, the say channel will have something to the effect of, "Thrang shouts, 'ENOUGH!' " which was an easier way for me to make sure I hadn't missed the beginning of that phase (as a healer I was focusing on morale and seemed to miss the across-the-screen message EVERY TIME).

5. I BELIEVE, but am not certain, that the defilers actually can do the R&F attack anytime, if they are not interrupted. They seemed to do it far less often when we were near to Thrang than when we tried across the room.
#13804007 Jun 28, 2018 at 09:17 PM
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FF means "focus fire" - its more PVP jargon, but basically means as you'd guess to concentrate all single-target on them. Didn't mean to overcomplicate.

You are right about the initial entrance on the ground. I forgot since we had to, um, "restart" the fight a few times. :)

Good point about "Enough." One thing I didn't mention because I didn't see it well enough, but there was also a prompt "run for your life" although the only time I remember it for certain was when Borkinori came in late and the fight didn't reset. Made me think there was a "timer" mechanism punishing you for taking too long.

I don't know that I ever saw the defilers use the R&F when we were below but of course we tried to stun and interrupt them also.

I still don't think I have a complete handle on that R&F mechanic. For example, if it is only used after an induction, it won't be necessary to run from Thrang when he first comes down. As I mentioned, the only time I saw it happen in phase 1-2 was at the very start our first time when I ran up to aggro Thrang and didn't notice the induction soon enough to interrupt. I believe he did that one, but that's the only time he appears to have done so in those phases, making me believe it is triggered by proximity.

Anyway, a good start today for our further exploration of the fight mechanics.
#13804056 Jun 29, 2018 at 12:47 AM
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Very impressed, guys! Excellent write-up, Ferec! Thank you!

Cel, we may have a great candidate to backup you and Bitz for raid leading! Aka: Ferec! 😎

Good work!

Another one bites the dust...
#13804247 Jun 29, 2018 at 09:25 AM
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If he would use his microphone more often..... :-P

So Bitz and I got in there twice last night at 115 with 2 different toons and discovered a few things that I didn't know or notice the first time; it seems Ferec may have known but I didn't catch it in his posting so just in case anyone else missed it:

  • The fumaroles appear in certain places; they don't explode until someone walks within their range; then they pulse a couple of times and explode. So if you move too close, back off again. This mechanism could be used to decrease the density of fumaroles if it was ever needed.
  • It also seems that there may be a limit of times you can make the fumarole explode -- 2 or 3 would be my guess; either that or some of them are bugged 'cause we had some in our 2nd run not exploding no matter how long Bitz stood close.
  • Thrang will enter the fray when the very first defiler is killed, so you can avoid having tons of mobs up by killing the other adds before the defiler. BUT waves of adds are on timers, so if you take too long to kill them you get another wave, which includes another defiler.
  • This is dangerous because defilers can definitely do the Rage & Fire skill that Thrang has. It's a red induction; they also have a green induction that doesn't seem to cause as much trouble. We had good luck with prioritizing the red interruption and not worrying much about the green one.
  • At least the first adds, and I suspect the rest as well, will have a green morale bar until they reach the bottom of the stairs. The first add of the first wave is a defiler; he runs down about 5 seconds or so after the boss is aggroed, and immediately upon reaching the bottom of the stairs and turning red will do his interruptable fire & rage skill -- be prepared to interrupt this or be very far from him.

Again, these are perhaps details you know already Ferec but I missed those details the first time, and/or reading your post.
#13804559 Jun 29, 2018 at 07:01 PM
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For reasons totally unknown to me my microphone will not transmit on this computer. Not just in-game, but at all.

I'm not surprised that the fumaroles spawn in particular spots. Works that way in the rift fight. Found a few safe spots today in the ground area next to the ground below the stairs. As to the number of times they spawn, I also noticed in the last phase that the standard spots I've used in the past for tanking didn't seem to repop after a while. Not sure if that's intended or a bug.

I ran some today and also noticed that Thrang comes down after the first defiler is down. Didn't pick that up yesterday.

The defilers may have two red induction skills, although I'm not certain -- the bad news, as you noted is that one of them is R&F for certain and will spam it. It is a very long induction however. Defilers also appear to be mezz/stun immune as far as I can tell. I ran a bit today on LM in a pug and people seem to have so much trouble with interrupts. I did a ton on LM, which is not ideal, but better than wiping and they can be done ranged at least.
#13807762 Jul 04, 2018 at 05:08 PM
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Can I ask a question? When you complete the quest does the quest tracker remove the quest?
#13811454 Jul 10, 2018 at 11:29 AM
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If I remember correctly, yes they auto-complete.
#13811815 Jul 11, 2018 at 12:21 AM
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The 2 quests that I take in Thrang from the remembrance pop up on my screen to be clicked on afterwards, when I finish.

However, if I am remembering the one run I did at sub-115: I think I still got 2 quests; one to kill him, and one to kill him AT 115. If I'm right, that one would not complete when you finish the instance (or pop up to be finished) if you run it at any level less than 115.
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