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#13761422 May 03, 2018 at 10:57 PM
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This is a picture of my stats in game with the gear I currently have (working on upgrading it all).

Can a fellow cap-level Hunter please tell me what I'm missing/need to work on improving?
#13762142 May 04, 2018 at 08:14 PM
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I am by no means the most well-geared hunter in game,. but here are my comparable stats at Level 115:

Morale: 55224
Power: 5947
Armour: 48784
Might: 159
Agility: 11922
Vitality: 12616
Will: 83
Fate: 1172

Critical Rating: 55255 (26.9%)
Finess: 101,222 (20.7%)
Physical Mastery: 141560 (268.8%)

Light of Earendeil: 236
Resistance: 42,958
Critical defence: 24088

Block: n/a
Parry: 24,162
Evade: 35, 766

Physical mitigation: 67532 (50%)
Tactical mitigation: 62232 (49.8%)

In general, looking at our stats together, you'll want to work on agility, finesse, and physical mastery. For Mordor, you'll want to use ash gear to increase your light to at least 200. And, to top it off, you would want to increase your critical rating.

Finally, you have a choice about mitigations. My build has just enough to reach the mitigation cap for medium armour: 50%. So I did not build for a glass cannon. If you want to go for maximum DPS, you could swap out mitigations for something else, such as physical mastery, or agility. But if you do, you'll become less survivable in high end raids, and at least some healers {cough . . . Ryleth . . . cough} might curse you under their breath for distracting them from the tank.

Other hunters have much more knowledge, but this is a first quick response to your question.

Ryleth (hunter name Ryllick)
Ryleth (main of Ryl*)
#13788256 Jun 07, 2018 at 12:48 AM · Edited 8 months ago
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I'm late to the party. Sorry! I don't have the North Mirkwood crafted pieces or essences yet, but here is what my stats are at right now.

Morale: 60,623 (63,955 if I swap in my -threat tome)
Power: 9,376 (6,000 " )
Armour: 51,491
Might: 57
Agility: 13,402
Vitality: 13,748
Will: 83
Fate: 1,388

Critical Rating: 51,243 (21% melee/tactical, 26% ranged)
Finesse: 89,879 (19.2%)
Physical Mastery: 177,189 (339.8% ranged)

Light of Earendil: 264
Resistance: 31,150 (16.6%)
Critical Defence: 15,225 (26.6%)

Parry: 26,918
Evade: 45,993

Physical Mitigation: 69, 241 (58%)*
Tactical Mitigation: 69,559 (58%)*

*T2 cap is 70,618 which is met with Scrolls of Doomfold Warding Lore +1657 Physical & Tactical Mitigation; yellow line trait Survival Gear to rank 6 gives +8% Physical & Tactical Mitigations

Personally, I'd like a little more Critical Defense than what I have. And, of course, Physical Mastery but that 222k cap is soo far away.

I'm sure your stats have changed significantly in the last month, but I agree with Ryl. In general, you'll want finesse (so your hits land) and critical rating, then mastery. For grouping, you (and your healer!) definitely want mitigations because you can't do damage when you're dead. You will, inevitably, have an add or two on you before the tank can pull aggro and it's nice if it can't 1-shot you 😅. Especially since we have RK healers who don't have an in-combat res.
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