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Light of Eärendil

One of the stats you will see on Mordor gear is Light of Eärendil. Because of the great evil that has so long lived in Mordor, every part of the region is shrouded in some amount of Shadow. The more evil, the more Shadow.

As the shadow increases, our ability to fight effectively decreases. Light of Eärendil does not give us a buff – Shadow gives a debuff that Light neutralizes!

Anytime your character is in an area where Shadow and Light are not equal, you will see an additional bar beneath your character's vitals.

Vital bar with light/shadow showing

Hovering over it will give you a tooltip showing the exact amount of Light you have on; how much Shadow you are currently in; and what your net Shadow is.

Tooltip showing effective shadow

For every 10 effective Shadow, you will get another tier of the Shadow of Mordor debuff. Each tier of the debuff gives -5% incoming healing; +10% incoming damage, and -5% outgoing damage.

Shadow debuff tier 1

Clearly it is in your best interest as a fighter to stay as close to neutral as possible. It is important, however, to remember one thing:

There is NO BUFF from having more light than necessary for overcoming the Shadow.

On landscape, the max shadow is currently 100; Mordor T1 instances have 150 Shadow; T2 has 200. Being able to get to neutral is important, but once you have adequate Light for where you're going to be playing, if you find gear with better stats you might as well use it.
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Brilliant, concise explanation, Cel. Well done! (SSG should use you to write these explanations for players)
Another one bites the dust...
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