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Joining Allegiances
There are 4 allegiances. You are eligible to join an allegiance when you reach level 110. You can join all 4 at the same time and choose which one your allegiance rep goes to. Each allegiance you join requires more rep to increase your ranking than the previous one, so choose wisely the order in which you join. Since each one offers a Daily Request and a 3-day Gathering quest (see below) it is helpful to go ahead and join them all, doing Chapter 1 for each, right away.

When you join an allegiance you are immediately able to complete 1 quest: Chapter 1. The reward for this quest is a Tokens of Service (bartered for level 112 gear) and a travel skill to that Allegiance's hall.

Ranking Up Allegiances
You rank up your designated allegiance by using Relics of the Last Alliance. Use them cautiously – they can also be bartered at the allegiance quartermaster for gear.

Each allegiance has 30 ranks; each rank awards a few of those Tokens of Service; every 5 ranks you are able to return to your allegiance hall and take another chapter's quest. Chapter 4 awards a teal ring which was best in game before the instances came out; Chapter 7 a similar cloak. It is absolutely a great storyline and worth ranking for that; the ring & cloak are not the best currently available but make a good stepping-stone and are fairly inexpensive compared to the Ash or Allegiance barter gear.

Repeatable Quests
When you finish the deed Tales of Gorgoroth (Link to Wiki) you are eligible to take the repeatable quests. Start by talking to an Expedition Organizer – there is one in each allegiance hall. They will offer a Weekly Expedition quest. There are 4 or 5 different quests that rotate through – killing all the scourges, running the Mordor instances, etc. On Mondays at 3am they change the weekly quest; if you have it in progress, you will lose all progress and fail the quest. On Thursdays at 3am the lock resets – if you have already completed the weekly quest, you may take it and complete it again.

The Expedition Organizers also offer a Daily Expedition quest. This is always to complete 4 other quests somewhere in 2 specific regions. Which regions you have to complete your 4 quests in varies. The Daily Expedition will fail, reset, and change at 3am servertime every day.

You have many options for completing these 4 quests.
  • The task boards next to the Expedition Organizers allow you to choose from 4 or 5 quests in each of the 2 regions available that day. These task boards will always have quests for the daily expedition regions.
  • In addition, the Daily Request that is available, 1 from the Expedition Organizer at each Allegiance, will be in the right region and will count for your Daily Expedition quest. Only the Daily Requests and the quests from today's task board will count! If you take an Agarnaith quest on Monday, but don't do it; then come back on Wednesday and see that Agarnaith is the region again but the quest you still have isn't available to other players that day – you can complete the quest, but it will not count toward your 4 quests.

Extra taskboard quests
There is also a taskboard somewhere on landscape for each region. The taskboard for the regions your Daily is in offers no extra quests than what is available at the Allegiance Hall taskboard, but the other 3 regions offer quests you can do for rep, XP, and Tokens of Service. These available quests also change daily. The Udun board offers quests for Udun; Ruins of Dingarth has the Lhingris and Dor Amarth quests; Magh Ashtu offers Talath Urui quests, and the board at the Rangers of Agarnaith camp has the Agarnaith daily quests. Remember – only the quests from the taskboards for the 2 regions mentioned in the Daily Expedition quest will count towards your 4 necessary quests for the Expedition!

Resource Instances
The final type of daily quest are often called Resource Instances, because each of them has some kind of crafting node in it. SOMETIMES a regional task board will have a quest to talk to Candur and complete one of the instances. Even if not, you can talk to Candur and do each of the instances every 12 hours. TAKING AND CANCELLING A QUEST STILL STARTS THE COOLDOWN TIMER, so only take the quest when you're actually ready to run the instance. When you talk to Candur, he gives you a quest to defeat the boss within an instance. Each of the instances has some kind of gathering quest to complete inside, clicking on items (this will not count for your daily expedition quest). PLUS, each allegiance which you have joined will give you a gathering quest that resets on Mondays and Thursdays. Sometimes there will be enough items in one instance to finish the allegiance gathering quest; other times you will need to do a second instance.

The Daily Request, Daily Expedition, and Weekly Expedition quests reward Relics of the Last Alliance. The Daily Expedition also rewards either a Black Steel Key (for opening Gorgoroth lootboxes) or a sliver of a black steel key, 3 of which can be bartered for an entire key at the Allegiance quartermaster.

The other taskboard daily quests only reward XP, rep, Signets of the Thandrim, and Tokens of Service.

Relics of the Last Alliance are also rewarded by the regional Lore Pages quest.


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Another well written description of what is a fairly complex mechanism for the dailies. When I eventually obtain the Mordor expansion I will no doubt return to this guide again! Thank you Cel!
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a great guide ;D -look forward to taking my first steps into Mordor, when I get that far in the game.. :D
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Deeds for Allegiance Quests

When one starts doing these Allegiance quests you will obtain several deeds which tracks which quests you have done in each of the areas as described by Cel above.

As you complete the quests the deeds will update until you find that all of the deeds have two remaining quests that never seem to pop up for you to complete any of the deeds.

What it is, is this: Whichever two areas have been set for the day for the daily Allegiance quests, those apparently missing quests for the deeds can be found for the other areas that are not set for the day for the daily Allegiance quests. Where does one find those apparently missing quests? They are found at the camps already stated by Cel above:

  1. The Udun board offers quests for Udun
  2. Ruins of Dingarth has the Lhingris and Dor Amarth quests
  3. Magh Ashtu offers Talath Urui quests
  4. The board at the Rangers of Agarnaith camp has the Agarnaith daily quests

If for some reason you still do not see your missing quests for the deeds, then try again the next day following the same general rules outlined above.


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Astey, I haven't yet made much effort to complete these deeds, so I wanted to make sure I understand what you're saying if you don't mind:

  • The deeds are to complete all of the daily quests for each region.
  • The taskboards never show ALL of the possible quests, but rotate through, offering 4 or 5 each day (even when that region is not included in the Daily Expedition quest).
  • SINCE they rotate through, there are some quests that never seem to be the daily quest when that region is in the Allegiance Hall as a Daily Expedition Region
  • THEREFORE, to finish all of the quests, they will need to check the taskboard IN the regions they are missing, on days that region is not an expedition region; this might take several days for the proper quest to pop on that taskboard.

Is that about the size of it?

Thanks for the info -- this will be good to know if/when I decide to aim for those deeds!

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Hello Cel, yep that's about it. Those apparent "missing quests" do not show on the task boards in the four Allegiance Halls (Man, Elf, Dwarf, Hobbit). They only appear on the task boards in the various landscape regions as bullet-pointed above, and as far as I know, only when a particular region does not have an Allegiance Hall daily quest available.

For example, if the regions Udun and Dor Amarth are the areas for the Allegiance dailies, then some of those "missing quests", not all, for the other three regions, Lhinghris, Talath Urui, and Arganaith will become available. But one has to grab them from the task boards at those areas as they do not appear at the Allegiance Halls task boards.

Also, it is conceivable that folks who did all daily/weekly Allegiance quests may also have gone to each region and simply grabbed every quest from the task boards they possibly could and unknowingly completed the deeds and never hit the problem as I described above. And as a result they completed the deeds and may be wondering what all this fuss is about.
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Edited today to reflect recent changes in reset times.

The Daily Expedition quest now fails, resets, and changes at 3am servertime; there is no longer a reset at 10am, so unless someone else sees something else, there is not longer a possibility of completing these twice a day.
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Ah, I was wondering why sometimes you could do the weekly twice. Thanks Cel.
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