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As you get more involved in running challenging content with RKC we present this simple approach to maximizing enjoyment and success in a casual environment called “Pick a Main, Gear your Main, Play your Main”.

Pick a Main: Every player should have a designated main character. This character will probably be your first to 115 and the one you enjoy playing the most. You can always switch mains if you find that you enjoy a different class more but everyone needs to pick a main.

Gear your Main: The time needed to gear up even one character is quite a time-sink in and of itself and when dealing with the most challenging raids having one character with great gear is better than having access to other toons all with average gear. Some classes might have to make a few pieces of swap gear to best fill other roles and play their other trait lines but gearing up for a second role on a main character is usually easier than getting a whole other class geared up. “Gearing up” not only includes gear but Virtues, Li's, Class Points, Epic Battle Ranks, class items and consumables.

Play your Main: Having picked a main and geared up a main; learning and playing your main is the last way you can contribute to challenging raids. Learning the strengths and weakness of your various trait lines and learning how you can utilize them in different situations is very helpful. Playing your main is the only way you will truly master the roles that class can fill and will give you and the group the confidence and knowledge needed to turn challenges into successes.

(Picking a Main and filling roles: Most classes can only fill 2 out of the 4 main roles a group can need. If you want the flexibility to fill other roles a second class will be needed. The same principles will apply for this second class which effectively doubles the work needed to have both ready for challenging endgame raids.)
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