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RKC: Minimum recommendations for T1 raid, and T2 content, updated for level 120

T1 Raids, and any T2 or T3 instances require more experience, better gear, and better understanding of grouping and mechanics than their smaller T1 counterparts.

A toon that is ready for RKC challenge runs will:
  • know how their class and role work in groups
  • equip gear that contributes to the role they plan to play
  • choose legacies that support the role they plan to play
  • understand the basics of group mechanics

Anvil T1
  • Gear generally needs to be item level 370 or better
  • Most essences should be tier 12

Anvil T2

Ranged DPS
  • Morale: 80K
  • Crit rating: 18%
  • Finesse: 20%
  • Mastery: 180%

Melee DPS
  • Morale: 100K
  • Crit rating: 18%
  • Finesse: 20%
  • Mastery: 160%

Support (Burg, LM)
  • Morale: 100K
  • Finesse: 35%
  • Mitigations: 35%

  • Morale: 100K
  • Crit rating: 20%
  • Outgoing healing: 80% (90% for Runekeepers)
  • Mitigations: 35%

  • Morale: 180K
  • Mitigations: able to get to 58% with buffs; usually don't need that level with both types at the same time, so swap gear is fine.

To achieve these stats you're probably going to need quite a few purple 382+ and/or teal 375+ items. Using all t12, item level 378 essences and capping your LIs will only make the run easier for the entire group.

If you are interested in challenging group content but do not feel you meet the above standards, there are several things you can do:

Please note, these are guidelines only, not hard and fast rules. They are designed to help players and group leaders evaluate a toon's readiness to contribute to group content. Exceptions can always be made at the discretion of the leader.

These are the suggestions and guidelines for any of the runs labeled RKC on the calendar; if a run is organized under a different name the leader may have other preferences.
#13318689 Jun 25, 2017 at 09:29 PM
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What a great post! Why? Some folks don't really understand why they were not invited to a T2 run and the above will help explain the rationale behind their exclusion.

T2 runs need all participants to be able to contribute to the success of the instance and due to the high mitigations of mobs, the extra hitting power of mobs, then generally gearing up assists in defeating those obstacles not withstanding of course that knowing ones class to a reasonable degree and how to best play it (also to a reasonable degree) will have a high factor in acheiving success.

I reckon, when a 12 person T2 raid can be done with say, for example, 11 people, then it is very possible to invite an undergeared 12th person to join. That would be one way to do it I s'pose.

Of course there are always exceptions to the rules. But the above advice still applies and the benefits are that people become better at what they do, their roles, and more familiar with the challenges of such instances, and this experience can be passed on to other less experienced and less well equipped kinmates. Seems like a win-win situation to me.

But, it can take time, and it may be a while before those who wish to enter such T2 instances may need to hang fire for just a wee while before they too can reap the benefits that such instances have to offer.
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