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#13312156 Jun 21, 2017 at 06:32 PM
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I haven't had the opportunity to run many instances so far for the last ~2months (2 weeks where I was out of the action) I've been playing the game.
I've been playing mostly my captain slowly and steadily off epic quests(lv81 at time of writing). I was just wondering what instances one should be aiming to run before hitting 105, if any. I've done things like Great Barrows, Nightmare instance? at Angmar, and dwarven mirror hall in Moria (this last one bugged out for our group after spending way too much time trying to figure out how the mirrors and lights line up and finding we could somehow aggro a boss that is under the floor and set us all on fire for some pretty crazy dmg.)
It'd be nice to hear what some of you have to say, as I know rather little in this regard.
#13312260 Jun 21, 2017 at 08:10 PM
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Others will have their own lists, but here are some starting thoughts. First, with a few exceptions, you are leveling too fast to do instances for the gear rewards. For my money, the main reason to do any instance has to do with the fun that it offers: a unique mechanic, a difficult boss, or the chance for group play.

Second, some instances do bring special rewards for specific classes. Others can identify what those are, but Ost Dunhoth is a good example of a raid that has distinctive gear that some level 105 players use even at max level.

Third, many instances offer special non-gear rewards. You can level up some your virtues by doing some instances over and over again. Similarly, if you do a lot of "big battles" (those that come out of Helm's Deep and Pelegrir), you can earn points that will eventually earn you two additional trait points.

Finally, you can do any of the skirmishes to earn marks and medallions. My opinion is that, except for the Thorog raid (see below), individual skirmishes aren't an efficient way to get marks or medallions. But the skirmishes can be great ways to learn your class as your skills develop, soloing your way through challenges that are just a little more than you can handle.

With that said, here is my own list of particularly fun or useful instances:

-- Any of the six classic Moria instances.

-- The four wings of Helegrod. The last wing (the Dragon Wing) gives you the fight with the dragon Thorog, which many kins (including RK) sometimes farm for extra marks and medallions, a very useful currency.

-- Ost Dunhoth

-- the Mirkwood instances, especially Sammath Gaul and Dol Guldur. DG is a particularly good run for group dynamics. Some people also love the Warg Pens as a way of power leveling, if that's your thing.

-- the Tower of Orthanc: nice, complicated, with a great end boss set of mechanics.

-- The Minas Tirith epic quest line also introduces you to some higher level instances. and Silent Street is a run that remains fun at level 105.

-- Osgiliath instances, especially Dome of Stars.

At level 81 you're still a little low level for the last two sets. But all the rest are available.

What do others think?

Ryleth (main of Ryl*)
#13312387 Jun 21, 2017 at 10:45 PM
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Draigoch! Opens at level 75. It doesn't scale, so the higher the level of those going in the easier it is -- by 105 you can almost stare him dead, so I like to TRY to get in there before that, and with others that aren't 105 yet, so we still have to work a bit for it. There are a couple of neat housing items that (rarely) drop in there, too.

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