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#13297199 Jun 13, 2017 at 07:48 AM
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I thought it might be a good idea to talk about class makeup and roles for the various fights of the Throne raid. I'll just start with Rakothas and mumaks for now.

Group 1
Tank 1 yellow captain shield brother on tank 2
Tank 2 guard/warden/captain
Blue mini
Yellow LM traited far enough into blue to get catmint; have 4 pelennor +2 ToT armor to get +10% incoming crit from see all ends
Yellow burg
Red Captain/2nd yellow burg/high dps class

Group 2
Red captain with command set +oathies reset
Yellow mini with inspire fellows armor
Yellow champ with maxed rend and horn stun duration+phys. mit debuff on horn legacy
3 RK/hunter with high ST dps

Mumaks - for this fight there are a lot more combinations that will work, so I'll just mention what I consider must-haves and then some options for what else can work, depending on what strategy you use.

3 tanks, 2 healers, 1 LM

Almost must-haves:
yellow burg
support captain (could be red or blue)

Very nice to have:
Yellow champ for rend and horn debuffs, stun, off-tank to shuttle mumaks if necessary
Fire RK

This leaves you with 2 spots to play with, depending on your strategy.

Options for this spot include:
2nd LM if you tank reinforcements to the east
Fire RK/hunter/dps warden
3rd healer
4th tank

When I mentioned the LM yesterday, I was thinking of either tanking reinforcements closer to the dps group, or having him be a 2nd LM to go to the east with reinforcements, since we were having trouble finding another tank/healer. I think doing the raid without an LM and/or burg debuffing the mumaks is going to be virtually impossible.

Also, I'm fairly sure that the executioners only execute someone who is below 25% health, not 50%. I tested it in BBS, which has the same mobs, and that's definitely how it works there. Shock & Awe guide

Also, Yelk says it's 25% in his guide above. I mention this because if your healing is on point and people pot/move out of circles/kite the eye/ avoid the mumaks stomp it's very doable to have the reinforcements closer to the group. Much more doable than trying the raid without an LM, in my opinion. If you get a perfect storm coming together and one of your dps group dies from an executioner, it's not the end of the world because you only lose challenge if you die from one of the 3 main mumaks, you have plenty of rezzes available, and there's no time limit.

As always, any feedback is appreciated. Whatever the group decides, I'll go with, but I wanted to at least put down my thoughts as clearly as possible so that people can read it, think about it with cool heads, and hopefully generate some good discussion before our next attempt.

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