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Runic Knights Constitution

The Mission of the Runic Knights is, first and foremost, to have FUN. Also maintain a causal kin with variety in a family friendly environment.
Member rights and responsibilities is Respect: Be respected for yourself and respectful of others within the Kin and without.

The rules of the Runic Knights are the same rules laid down by our founder,
We try to maintain the same environment and intention that the Runic Knight were founded on. Should it come to needing to add, subtract or modify a rule, it will be set in place by a popular vote of the officers.


This is a list of procedures and rules to the Leadership of the Runic Knights.
Every April, an officer meeting will be held at which the Officers will vote on whether to change the kin leader.
If it is decided the leadership does not need to be changed then current Leadership will remain as is.
If Leadership change is deemed necessary by popular officer vote, then 2 or more willing Candidates will be posted up in a kin wide vote for 4 weeks. Successor may run for Leadership nominee.
Should kin leader step down or can no longer maintain leadership the Successor will step up as leader temporarily till officer meeting can be called.
Officers will vote on whether Successor will maintain leadership or if a kin wide vote is necessary, where 2 or more willing candidates will be posted up for kin wide vote for 4 weeks. The Successor may run for Leadership at this time and will maintain leadership till vote is over.

Upon election and promotion to Leader, Kin Leaders will choose among officers for the trusted position of Steward. Stewards are the leaders of the divisions within the kin services, such as Welcome Wagon, Recruiting, RK Mart, RK University, and the Raiding Team.


Officer Meetings will be held Bi-Monthly, and Open kin meetings or get together every 4 months/ 3 times a year. These are the rules to be an Officer of the Runic Knights.

1. Members may use the Guide in the RKU forum to fill out an application to be considered for promotion.
2. Officers may nominate members to be considered for Officer Enrollment if he/she feels that member is trustworthy.
3. Kinship leader may promote any member to Officer of his/her choosing.

Rules of Officer Conduct will be posted in the appropriate Officer Forum and can be viewed and agreed upon by all officers.

Member Rules

1. Profanity will not be tolerated or used in any chat, both public and kin chat. As a member of our kinship you are a representative of our kinship 24/7.
2. Trolling or harassment of any kind, of any player, in either public chat or kin chat is not tolerated. Private harassment will not be tolerated either.
3. No disrespecting our kin members or kinship in any form of chat.
4. No begging, whining, or complaining in public chat to other members or officers for money, materials or gear. If you need gear made for you then an order can be placed in RK-mart (located in our Forums) and someone will be in touch.
5. Political or religious debates in kin chat will not be allowed, if you must talk about this then take it to personal channels.
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