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(Guide to Best possible maxed out Traits for certain roles within the Big battles)

(Pictures of certain "jobs" will be posted as the information has been gathered)

The total amount of points one is able to obtain at the current point cap for Big Battles is 236, however, that doesn't mean you can spend every point in every skill. The trait system was built for the use of specific jobs within the BB's.


Engineer Trait allows one to build barricades, build and upgrade balista and catapults. It also provides Traps to be used against the enemy to help certain situations within the Big Battle, (or BB for short). Bear-traps, Trip-wires, and Caltrops are the 3 different types of Traps available to an Engineer within the BB.

Build-Specific Tree

Here is a picture for my Build-specific Tree on my main toon, Aziroth.

Aziroth's Build Spec

The points spent within the Vanguard trait line were only a means of a point dump to allow myself to max out the possible amount of points given. The points spent in the "run speed" vanguard trait is class specific to warden's for extra run speed, and can, or cannot be beneficial to other classes. The choice is yours in how you spend your points.

Trap-Specific Tree

Here is a picture for my Trap-specific Tree on my main toon, Aziroth.

Aziroth's Trap Spec

Points spent in this tree were mainly focused up getting the Trap Potency trait, as well and the Trap Trigger Count trait. This build was specifically designed for a "Bear-trap build" for specific quests within the various BB's. This specific setup allows you to place up to 4 traps on the battlefield at once, bear-traps being most effective.


Officers allow the ability to buff the Rohirrim Soldiers on the battlefield. When you right click on a Commander that has the words "Awaiting Orders" under its name, it will give you the ability to select certain buffs on the UI menu, or select which stance the soldiers will stand in, whether that be 1-handed, 1-handed/shield, or 2-handed stance. You may also provide orders to a specific monster to be focused upon and killed when they spawn on the battle field.

Aziroth's Officer Spec


Vanguards are used in certain roles to give an advantage to the team while fighting Bosses within the BB's. Vanguards use a system of Killing Streak to activate certain skills within the Vanguard menu. The Vanguard tree allows for certain buffs to be obtained at a % chance of receiving a "Killing Blow" on a monster. There are 8 buffs a Vanguard can have, however, only 2 may be equipped at a time. The max amount of Kill Streaks one can have is 20. after receiving a Killing Blow, a yellow tally mark will appear on the Vanguard UI bar and will do so till there are 20 yellow tally marks under the skills to be used. In order to use a skill, simply click on the skill above the tally marks. Certain skills require more kill Streaks in order to be used as payment, like skills require Power to be used.
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Dadi's vanguard guide Here's a good guide to how the vanguard trait line works. If you have never tried it before, it can make a huge difference in dps races.

If you max rending bark, it is an aoe skill that causes 50% more incoming damage and can be kept up almost indefinitely if you save your killstreaks for it, because it only costs 4 killstreaks.

Stunning bellow is also very powerful, but it consumes 20 killstreaks, so you have to use it wisely. It's usually only worth using for bosses in a dps race, like the ones in retaking pelargir 6-man, or the ones in some of the deeping wall raid quests. It will multiply the max morale of a mob by .75 (ignore the tooltip, it's a bug that says it multiplies by 1). If you have 2 vanguards use them at the same time, they cut the boss morale almost in half (the second ,75 is applied to the max morale after the first one)

Incite Foe is also useful. It's available at rank 1 and doesn't cost any killstreaks. It's a force taunt that will tell the soldiers not to attack for 10 seconds so you can get more killstreaks.

There are also buffs that will only apply to your character. I really like using the fleetness buff on my hunter. It has a run speed, induction speed, and attack duration bonus that stack on top of all your regular class bonuses. When that buff is active you will feel like you're shooting a gatling gun :)

If you have never tried using vanguard before, try it out. One of the most common complaints about big battles is they don't allow you to play your class. If that's how you feel, you'll probably like vanguard. I wouldn't recommend trying it until you have at least 200 promotion points though, because the most powerful traits are very deep in the tree. It's probably best for aoe damage classes and tanking classes because the skills have a short range.

Even if you don't want to be a vanguard, you can help your vanguards earn killstreaks. Engineers can use tripwires to stun them and add extra incoming damage, then just let the vanguards kill everything. Officers can use their vanguard banners, which increase kill streak chance. In a pinch, they can switch soldiers to 1-handed and shield stance so they will kill slower and leave more for your vanguard to kill.
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Thank you for this tip! I never knew much about the vanguard trait line because wardens and vanguards don't really mix. That is a great guide Alifast, thank you!
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