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Kinship Members Handbook

[Pinned] Rules of Communication

KINSHIP RULES OF COMMUNICATION1. Profanity will not be tolerated or used in any chat, both public and kin chat. As a member of our kinship you are a representative of our kinship 24/7.2. Trolling or harassment of any kind, of any player, in either...
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[Pinned] 105 Gear Guide
Chambers of Raiding

[Pinned] 105 Gear Guide

This post will cover North Ithilien gear and jewelry, Pelennor gear, and T8 and Ithilien essences. The next upgrade is Host of the West (the Wastes) gold barter jewelry and Throne of Dread Terror gear (not addressed here).Basic stats to aim for:T1...
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[Pinned] RK DNF Plugin
Rune Keeper

[Pinned] RK DNF Plugin

Here is a plugin I have written to make it easier for RKs to keep track of their Do Not Fall This Day cooldowns. Unzip the Dropbox file into the Plugins folder and load DoNotFall in the LotR...
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[Pinned] Moors Raiding!

[Pinned] Moors Raiding!

5/27/16Hey Knights!A couple days ago, Tyvos, Astey, and I played around the Moors a bit. It was fun, and I think it could be more fun to consider setting up some fun Moors raiding.For those of you who are unfamiliar with Monster Play: The Ettenmoo...
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Kinship Members Handbook


Runic Knights ConstitutionThe Mission of the Runic Knights is, first and foremost, to have FUN. Also maintain a causal kin with variety in a family friendly environment. Member rights and responsibilities is Respect: Be respected for yourself and ...
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Kinship Members Handbook

[Pinned] New membership Info.

Hello new recruit! If you have found yourself here then I want to thank you for joining our website. This site is intended to be the heart of the Runic Community. So you either asked to join or accepted an invitation by one of our officers. Welcom...
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Big Battles

[Pinned] Big Battle Traits

(Guide to Best possible maxed out Traits for certain roles within the Big battles)(Pictures of certain "jobs" will be posted as the information has been gathered)The total amount of points one is able to obtain at the current point cap for Big Bat...
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Chambers of Raiding

RKC Recommended gear minimums

RKC: Gear guidelinesVERY IMPORTANT: these are guidelines only, not hard and fast rules. They are designed to help players and group leaders evaluate a toon's readiness to contribute to group content. A toon meeting these minimum guidelines should ...
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advanced loremaster tips

Mir and I were talking about this yesterday. It's possible to cycle through your pets to keep up all the useful debuffs at once. linkIf you look at the screenshot posted by myic90, he is summoning a pet, using its debuff, then dismissing the pet...
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Recommended Instances before max level?

I haven't had the opportunity to run many instances so far for the last ~2months (2 weeks where I was out of the action) I've been playing the game. I've been playing mostly my captain slowly and steadily off epic quests(lv81 at time of writing)...
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Chambers of Raiding

Anniversary Scavenger Quest

So year 7 quests are a doozy - requiring runs through The Rift, Draigoch, Ost Dunhoth, and Tower of Orthanc.Is there any interest in running through these instances for those of us who want to do these quests? Maybe also knock some deeds out while...
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Throne T2 class makeup

I thought it might be a good idea to talk about class makeup and roles for the various fights of the Throne raid. I'll just start with Rakothas and mumaks for now. Rakothas:Group 1Tank 1 yellow captain shield brother on tank 2 Tank 2 guard/warde...
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Chambers of Raiding

RTPlugin has a patch to add The Wastes.

I had written a short article about what it was and how to install it, and how to fix two locations which were off. I lost the post before I could save it. So... here is just the skinny of it.You can find the new patch and instructions on how t...
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Chambers of Raiding

Runic Knights Challengers

RKC: Runic Knights Challengers -- finding and defeating challenges at level-cap, in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. Anyone is welcome that chooses to show up, and if real life interferes we understand. There are no minimum gear or experience require...
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Armor Build

It was mentioned in Kin chat that we should have a thread for Armor builds for Champions. There will obviously be some difference between casual builds, t1, and t2 builds.
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hunter guide

linkI think this guide is pretty good for blue line hunters. There are a lot of threads on the lotro forums covering blue line hunters, but this is a pretty good guide that's all in one place. The only thing is that he didn't finish the part exp...
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Rune Keeper

RK tips

linkHow to survive the first hit from Rakothas (and be less squishy in general for the rest of the fight)linkI don't play RK much, but I always heard people talking about concession and rebuttal, and I couldn't figure out how it worked because it ...
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Grimmerthan's captains's trait sets

I was chatting with Thadius on captain builds, and I want to put Tirnanog's current build up for reference.Four trait lines. No one's ever asked for blue line, though. These are:Tanking:This build pushes healing as much as possible.Group DPS:Sti...
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Champion Skill Rotation

I have been talking with several other champs and have been wondering what you guys consider to be the best skill rotation for buffing up your champ before a fight. I typically use in yellow lineBattle FrenzyExchange of BlowsTrue HeroicsGreat Clea...
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Class Help

Virtue and traitpoint tracker found this link to a tool that allows you to track all your virtues and trait points for every character. It sounds very useful. The trait points in particul...
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