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Manakeep 728x90

RKC Challenge Run -- lvl 120

Date: Aug 25, 2019 - switch instance
Time: 08:30 PM
Posted by: Celordal
Category: Raids
FYI: the sign-up list does not seem to list the sign-ups in the order you actually signed up. For T1,If we are over 12 people, I will attempt to take the first 12 that signed up, not the first 12 on the list! It will be easier for me to keep this straight if you comment with your toon(s) and role/color(s) even if you only have one -- it leaves a timestamp I can refer to if I forget.

For T2, I will take the 12 that give us the best odds of success, rotating through some of our less experienced players if necessary so as many can complete the deed as possible.

Don't forget to leave a comment with your class, role & tier readiness!

Anvil T1, working towards T2; well-geared characters; see RKC readiness.
Attending (10)
Maybe (1)

M. Wyss

Declined (1)


T2: blue RK, yellow champ, yellow LM
T1: blue champ, hunter
T2: red hunter, red/blue RK, blue warden, yellow beorning
T1: blue beorning
T2: Yellow burg and Yellow champ.
T2: Red RK
T2: Yellow LM
t1 - burg red/yellow
out for supper, not sure if I will be back for run. Got T2 locks on Hunter, so would prefer LM or Bear but up to raidleader
T2: Hunter / Mini
Sorry, gonna have to sit out tonight and next week. In the process of moving, so I don't really have a desk to use at the moment and was using my dresser as a standing desk :( Good luck tonight
All cool Thal -- thanks for the heads-up!
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