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Welcome to the Home of the Runic Knights!

The Mission of the Runic Knights

The Mission of the Runic Knights is, first and foremost, to have FUN. Also maintain a casual kin with variety in a family friendly environment.
Member rights and responsibilities is Respect: Be respected for yourself and respectful of others within the Kin and without.

This is the original Runic Knights code written by our founder, Meldor.

All members of the Runic Knights will conduct themselves in such a manner that they will never bring shame or dishonor upon the Name of the Runic Knights. Members must never verbally assault other members in public areas or forums. Problems between members should be handled privately. Members are expected to treat other members with respect and honor at all times. Members of the Runic Knights should always keep one thing in mind. HAVE FUN

The original intent of our founder as quoted by him, Meldor.

"I would create something a little bit different, a place that was not just a kinship to level a toon, but more of a place to come escape from the real world." "This would be a social kinship, completely acceptable to a 9 or 90yr old, and a place where there were no obligations, except to share a little bit of you... and only if you wished."

These following are the 5 rules that have kept our Kinship together and great for 9 years:
Member Rules
1. Profanity will not be tolerated or used in any chat, both public and kin chat. As a member of our kinship you are a representative of our kinship 24/7.
2. Trolling or harassment of any kind, of any player, in either public chat or kin chat is not tolerated. Private harassment will not be tolerated either.
3. No disrespecting our kin members or kinship in any form of chat.
4. No begging, whining, complaining or selling in Kin chat to other members or officers for money, materials or gear. If you need gear made for you then an order may be placed in RK-mart (located in our Forums) and someone will be in touch.
5. Political or religious debates in kin chat will not be allowed, if you must talk about this then take it to personal channels.

Hello New Recruits
If you have found yourself here then I want to thank you for joining our website. This site is intended to be the heart of the Runic Knights Community.
So you either asked to join or accepted an invitation by one of our officers. Welcome to the Runic Knights! By joining our website you have completed the first step to full membership. By becoming a member you have gain access to our crafting program located in the RKmart section of the forums, as well as RKO, videos, gallery, and many other sections and topics. You will achieve full membership after 1 week as a recruit, at that time you will be able to invite your alts into the kinship and have access to the kin house chest. In the Chest there is donated material that you may use or be able to donate back to. If you use the chest we ask that you only take what you need and to donate back.

Again, Welcome to the Runic Knights!

Our full Kinship Constitution is In the Forums in the Kinship Members Handbook.